You could call me the believer type of person. I know that I have set the bar very high up in the sky with all my ambitious goals, but how silly would life feel without them? Reaching my goals is definitely what I do and proof to be doing ever since. But what if it all went too good to be true?

I say it right away, I have met a girl. What seems to be the average thing everybody could say, for me it’s different somehow. I usually don’t find women that I like. Or to put it in the correct way, I usually do not find girls that seem to like me back. I know, having a girlfriend is kind of a silly goal to have. Especially if it takes you 7 years in the making. But it’s not a goal of me to have a girlfriend, the goal was always to find the right one. Oh gosh, I should prevent the romantic side from taking over. Anyways, the thing is this, I feel very good having her in my life. And even if this thing is all over tomorrow and she will not write back, at least I had a great time, hadn’t I?

Right now it feels like I am on a good way. Let’s keep on fighting!

See you next time!

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