The perfect end doesn’t exist. It’s what leads you up towards the end that seems to make the end so great, so perfect, so incredibly exciting. But an end is never a good thing. It’s the moment to say goodbye, good night, fare well! That’s it! That’s it? Was that really it?

Todays end has a sudden … Just kidding … stop! Todays end is unique! Todays end is special. It’s neither unique nor special, it’s just an end. But our expectations lead our interpretation.

A couple who is disappearing in the sunset, two cars driving past each other, a wave, a handshake, a character who dies, looks back at life, finally reaches a goal, wins a match, gets the girl. Today’s end is your personal end. Just pick one out! Pick whatever you like.

You can do better! You can do way better! Where is the drama, the music, the romance? Where are the special effects, the light, the fog? Yes! Better! You see, it wasn’t that hard, was it?

See you next time!

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