I was sick for over a year. Can you believe it? But I wasn’t seriously ill or something like this, thank god. I was just feeling awful, weak, sick, ill, pick whatever word you want to use. It had all started after catching a cold, or at least I thought that it was only that. But after a couple of weeks fighting off this cold I didn’t recover. I felt tired all the time, weak, exhausted, done for the day even though it had just started. True, I was really stressed out at work, having a ten hour work day the most of the time, but that couldn’t be it. Well, I had problems with my throat, with getting air, with doing anything that is more on the endurance part of life. Honestly, my last year was at least from the perspective of health the worst year ever.

Well, thank god those days are over. Since around August 2022 I feel to get better, slowly, but steadily. Around 2-3% every month. And so, talking about this at the beginning of March 2023, you can already guess that I am feeling really good today. I am getting back in shape, gaining back the weight I had lost while laying around. But it’s still a long way to go. If I can keep up with the pace, I will be fit by August, or at least that is my current goal.

Interestingly, I decided to focus more on a “passive training approach” than I did in the past. Not just because it suits my current lifestyle with all the renovation projects taking place at home, but also because it’s a good natural full body workout. It all started by helping my cousin moving in into her house at the beginning of this year and since that, I do a 50/ 50 thing. Sure, I still do my workouts, I still do my exercises, but I don’t rely on them entirely. I have lost so much of my muscles, stability and the like, that I don’t want to overdo it right from the get go. I already have injured myself in October 2022 and learned my lesson from that.

With my renovation project coming to an end very soon I might shift the focus more on my regular training again, but at this time I will be back in shape and ready for the training.

See you next time!

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