After the paint was removed it is time for a proper thermal insulation. The room was build around 25 years ago and wasn’t insulated properly. The rood and the side walls underneath the roof are, but the other two walls weren’t. That’s why we need to insulate them. From past years experience the temperature in this room varies from 12 degrees in winter to 30 degrees in summer. The heat insulation will help to keep away the coldness in winter and the fight of the heat a little bit. Below the room is our garage, that’s why the room builds up or looses temperature so quickly.

After considering various options I decided to go for calcium silicate boards which offer the best performance and ability to conceal humidity. Sure, they are really expensive, but at least for my use case they just make sense. There will be a kitchen in this room, I will do my simulator and a part of my sport program in this room and of course I will have my home office in there. I will spend so much time in this room, of course it makes sense to get it right.

The process was actually quite easy. You prepare the wall for the process. This means you have to apply a primer. After that you can cut the boards the way you need them and after finishing a whole wall, you just have to mix up your filler and apply it onto the wall.

We had a little help from a family friend who explained us how to do it, but honestly, that’s something everybody can do. It may just take a while to figure out the best strategy.

See you next time!

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