Finally! We have been waiting for so long!

The new season has started and what a start it was. Well, no, actually, it’s just formula 1, isn’t it? Monkeys driving in a circle. Or is there more to it?

Formula one has changed quite a lot in recent years. With an increase in popularity everything good boosted up. The statistics, the camera perspective, the insights. For me as a long term viewer it’s nice to see how this racing series has evolved over the last years, but I am still not really satisfied. True, they finally race against each other and do not just pass each other on the long straights with DRS. But it’s way too obvious that the difference in the cars is too great to seriously race against each other. Of course formula 1 is a constructers title and the best car nearly always wins, but it’s just something I don’t particularly enjoy to see. I want the driver to be in the focus and not just the car. Real racing? Well, that’s something else.

But F1 doesn’t have the goal to reach people like me, they want to entertain the average human being. For all the other nerds out there, well, you can still find real motorsport somewhere else. But anyways, they are doing a lot of things right in recent years, so I guess we can be happy for having them around. And wasn’t it great to see a team like Aston Martin to fight for the podium? The new season will be at least a little bit more fun than last year I hope.

See you next time!

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