#1349² TO THE TOP  ↑² – S3 E14 – SETBACKS

It’s happening, life is full of setbacks and disappointments. The thing is, we can’t avoid them, can we? So the only real option we have is to get over them, learn our lesson and keep on going.

Compared to myself a couple of years ago, I have increased my setback dealing quite a lot. I do not feel ashamed about doing something wrong, I do not feel fear to express my feelings and emotions. I am just a human being who is sometimes worried, sometimes in fear, sometimes in panic, and sometimes just out of order. The goal is not to suppress your emotions in difficult times, the goal is to clearly understand what you feel and why you feel it. Quite recently I was in a tricky situation. On the one hand I was completely enrolled in the project and fascinated by the idea, but I couldn’t get over my fear of something going wrong. Therefore there was just one right decision to take, I had to stop. It is a huge setback for me personally and I feel bad about how it went, but that’s just who we are. Human beings that sometimes can not handle the pressure.

Out of this situation I learned another lesson in life. It’s quite awesome to see that I can stick to my principles and rather listen to my body than listen to someone else. I haven’t given in to the external pressure and did what felt right for me. Stick to your plan and do what feels right for you. If it doesn’t feel right it is just not the right thing for you. You will find something else.

See you next time!

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