It’s a day like any other, honestly, the time is flying by. We say good bye, good night, tomorrow will be better! When tomorrow isn’t any better, is it? It’s just another day, honestly.

The time is running! I can see it speeding up the older I become. But getting by with the time is a good thing after all. We improve, we get better, we get older, we get wiser, we get more rich, but mostly just of experience.

Todays post isn’t special. It’s just a short reminder about another 50 days which went by. I am doing this project for 1350 days. A time span in which a lot was going on. Honestly, life has turned out to become awesome. Sure, I could have avoided some mistakes, sure, I could have avoided certain situations, but all those memories, they are not more than just that, did shape the person I became and am today. It’s this funny game inside our lives that makes everything just unimportant. We run around without a clue about the bigger picture, hunting after one illusion after the other. Life is really such a funny game to play.

Enjoy today, don’t worry about tomorrow. We are all just one little experience away from the solution. Just one step, one tiny step.

See you next time!

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