There is nothing worse than loosing yourself in this ever changing world around us. If there is one thing we have to do, it’s the ability to say “no” to things that do not suit our current situation. It might be a job you don’t like, a challenge in your private life, a decision your partner wants you to take, whatever it is that stands in our way, we have to stick to ourselves no matter what.

You can always choose the option to please others whenever you can, but besides them being pleased nothing else is really positive about the story. You will figure out, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, that whatever it is that you decided upon, now you will regret it. Not because it was a wrong decision after all, maybe it was the right decision, but you do not feel right, you do not feel you have followed your own plan. Sure, life has a lot of challenges for us and who knows what the future will bring, but at least we can stick to who we are and don’t throw our own principles over board the moment something new is coming up.

It’s the authenticity and the ability to speak clearly about what you think that matter these days where too many people avoid to stand out and stick to their plan.

See you next time!

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