#1361² SPORT – S1 E5 – NUTRITION

In order to survive, our bodies consume energy. Some run on a plant based nutrition, others on meat, a mixture of some sort or a new trend not even I have heard about. At the end of the day there is only one golden rule. Without energy it ain’t gonna work.

So the first step really is just that, getting the nutrition thing right. And with “right” I do not necessarily mean a specific diet or form of nutrition. We should all take the responsibility over our life and eat what we think is the best for us. But of course I have to say certain things, right? Not really, it’s common sense that fresh food is better than ultra high processed food. Therefore, in case you still feel like you are missing out on something here, invest the time and learn the basics of nutrition. Honestly, sport is one thing, but without the right nutrition you will have a hard time reaching your goals. Compare your body with a sportscar. You wouldn’t let your car run on old and low quality fuel and oil, would you? Exactly, so stop consuming all that nonsense and focus on what is better.

See you next time!

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