At least from my point of view nobody is perfect. Having this in mind, we are all running around with a bunch of weaknesses pulling on our shoulders. But having weaknesses doesn’t necessarily mean that we are weak, it just tells us that we are stronger in other parts of life.

Knowing about your weaknesses is one thing, but dealing with them is something else entirely. It’s not important to get rid of all your weaknesses! It’s not even very practical. Weaknesses are good, you will understand one day. The thing is that you can always change your perspective, a weakness in a special field can become a strength somewhere else. It’s important that we do not run away, hide, or try to avoid or weaknesses under all costs. But it’s also important not to overpace and get exposed to the topic for too long. Start easy and build up your confidence over time!

Don’t run away from your weaknesses, transform them into strength somewhere else!

See you next time!

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