We all experience it from time to time. A situation, a person, an incident, something that triggers us. It usually builds itself up over time, one thing leading to another and BAMM! We are experiencing the rage mode.

Anger is just a weakness like all the others, it’s there to mobilize the necessary energy to get out of a specific situation. True, our life is seldomly the thing that is in danger, it’s more our reputation and ego. Once we feel the anger rising up, there are only two options. Releasing what needs to get free, or controlling ourself and breathing it away. Agreed, the thing about the breath work is one thing, but it’s never really the satisfying option. Don’t worry, you can let it out, just not now in the business meeting or the family gathering.

Stay on top of your emotions! Be the one who is in control! It’s important for life!

See you next time!

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