Life can be full of surprises. Some things just happen, others take a bit of time until they become a part of reality. With the Porsche experience it’s something in between. There is the moment you drove one for the very first time, there is the moment you know you want one and then there is a very long time until you own one.

At least if you aren’t super rich already, it may take some time until you can or want to afford the Porsche thing. The problem is not the time, it’s our expectations. Once we know what we want, every day of not having the car makes it worse. We sit there and imagine the life with a Porsche. There is nothing wrong with dreaming about a better future, it’s just the thing that in our dreams, the Porsche owning experience is just on another level.

In reality it’s not as good as you may imagining it to be. It’s never as good, no matter about which topic we are talking. Low expectations are the key to happiness. High expectations destroy the little moments in life were we could feel good but do not even celebrate the moment. Honestly, lower your expectations. If you are an idiot before having the car, you will stay an idiot. If you look ugly before having a Porsche, you will still look ugly. Forget this nonsense about pushing up your social status, in reality your social status might even drop. Nobody likes people who can afford the dream, especially not other Porsche enthusiast.

See you next time!

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