After the walls were ready it was time to focus on the floor. Due to the reason that there is a garage below, thermal isolation is the way to go. There was already an isolation installed, combined with a tiled floor. The only problem? It wasn’t thick enough. Therefore we decided to put another lawyer of isolation onto the tiled floor and install a new floor. The room is high enough, therefore this solution was the best. The material we used for the isolation were finished plates you can easily install via glueing and screwing them together. It took us two days to install the 35 square meter area, so that was perfectly fine. The material was easy to handle and after a short period of time we have found the best technique for the job.

In combination with the garage ceiling, the old isolation, the old floor, the new isolation and the new floor the room doesn’t get as cold as it used to get before. We could have added even more isolation material but that would just doesn’t make sense considering the hight of the room that would get smaller and the costs.

See you next time!

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