Honestly, what the hell is wrong? I don’t understand why it’s always something else going on with my health that’s not ok. Compared to my condition last year, of course everything is perfectly fine, but it’s the details that also hurt. My body seems to be an endless construction zone.

The thing is that I am used to the pain and the limitations. It sounds funny to think about it like this, but I just don’t see a connection. I can ignore pain, for months if necessary, but I can’t ignore the signs. I am already on a good way, I relax more, don’t take life as serious as I did before, come on, I even waste a lot of my time. I spend hours outside working in the garden, I eat healthy food, what do you want more? Or is this all just a coincidence? All those problems are not related to each other? Well, who knows? It’s just going on my nerves. Is it really too much to ask for? Just having no issues for a day or two?

See you next time!

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