Looking at this project so far, of course I made some progress. I have improved in various fields and reached a couple of steps on the way. But honestly, it’s not really going the way it could. That’s why I have decided to start with a new approach.

We shouldn’t take life so serious. A saying we sometimes use, but never really, wait for it, wait for it, take serious after all. Why should we, we shouldn’t take things serious, right? Well, yes and no! But we really should take it serious not to take life so serious. And well, that’s what is going to happen. I had this idea in the back of my mind for a while. I was watching a documentary about special agents and thought, hey, wait a minute. I can do the same thing! But instead of preparing myself for the next mission behind enemy lines. My next mission is about something more practical and useful. I can prepare myself for the challenges my daily life can offer. A situation at work, a thing in my daily life, but I want to look at the big picture and combine it all together.

Wait, what? Yeah, that was the problem. I can not even clearly describe what I want to do. To put it simple, I want to start taking life not so serious any longer. And for that I want to make life look like a game. A game in which I become a special agent preparing myself for the thing called life. I made a list with skills I already have and another one about skills I don’t have but need or would like to have in order to make life easier for me. And honestly, this could be everything from having a better sleep to improving my language skills, to playing darts, meditation, racing cars, and the like.

It might sound a bit strange at the beginning and maybe later on as well, but at least for me it seems to make sense and actually works. And honestly, that’s the only thing that matters.

See you next time!

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