It’s during the night when he feels at home. Is it all just in his head? An illusion? Probably. Not that we would speak to god or anything crazy like this. He just sees his own future. Either this, or he is strictly following the nightly agenda and turn the dream into reality in the day after.

The internet is full of stuff about dreaming. Everyone with access to it can figure that out. But it’s not just the pure mass of information that good him, it were the thousands of theories and scientific proofs everyone claimed to have. And so his google searches were rather disappointing. He would catch up a thing here or there, but really helping was nothing of that kind.

Was he the only one out there? The only one with this very problem? Not the google thing, the dreaming thing! Was he the only one that could see his own future? Was it a blessing in disguise, a gift, something in between? Sometimes he would wonder, laying there for hours without closing an eye. Not that he wasn’t tired, he was too bored to already dream about what was going on the very next day. Bored of knowing everything before it happens. His life felt like watching a movie again and again the very next day. No surprises, no unexpected or coincidental situations, just the same thing all over again.

It has to end, somehow. He thought about so many things. Breaking his routines, doing the exact opposite of what he had dreamed the night before, he tried, honestly, but it wasn’t possible. Whatever he had dreamed the night before was his way to go. No exceptions, no mistakes, day in, day out. Until, until he woke up. His boss had called him many times on Microsoft teams. It was 11 am, he must have fallen asleep in the home office.

See you next time!

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