We all have a choice. There is no day going by on which we have at least one time a choice to do things differently, no, actually our life is full of choices. Wherever we go, decisions have to be made. Good decisions, bad decisions, it’s up to our perspective to judge. Buying a Porsche is one of those silly things to worry about. Is it worth the money, the running costs, the stress, the problems, the experience?

A question we can only answer for ourself? Exactly, but there is more than just that. In this ever changing environment out there we can not take anything for granted and so, buying a Porsche might be the right thing to do, but maybe not. We wonder, the most of the time late at night. Is this really worth the struggling? Is this really worth my time and dedication? I have spend so many years saving up my money but for what? A silly car? A machine?

There is a difference between owning a Porsche and letting the Porsche own you. It’s not just a question of money, it’s a question of love and enthusiasm. Think about it. Which type are you? Do you just want to own a Porsche or is there more?

See you next time!

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