Agreed, it’s a really German thing to complain about the weather, but honestly, it started!

The year started promising! I mean, it wasn’t too cold, it wasn’t too hot, there was at least some kind of snow, so where are the reasons to complain? Actually, it’s just the time since we have started our garden project when the weather became suddenly cold, rainy, windy, and that basically all the time when we wanted to do something outside. At the beginning we could compensate with my indoor renovation project but since that is finished for the moment, honestly, there was not much else to do. And so we just kept on going working in the garden even though the weather was horrible. But it’s not just that, it’s just the bad, or good timing, depending on which side you are. On Sunday we had the most perfect April weather. I even was in the outdoor pool, the sun was shining, a nice 16 degrees kind of day. But once we think about doing something in the garden again, which I do everyday besides Wednesdays and sometimes Tuesdays, the weather is turning bad again. But not just that. It’s wonderful while I am working but in the afternoon starts to get worse and worse the closer I get to the end of my workday. Honestly, WTF!?

And true, it’s bad timing, isn’t it? We should have waited a couple of months or so, but we just couldn’t and of course we didn’t want to. So that’s not an option. Well, what doesn’t kills you make you stronger and indeed pushing through the bad weather was a great motivational boost and a welcome counterpart to my usual office job as a theoretical but not really practical engineer.

Can we just agree on a bit of a better weather during the time I work in the garden? No! Well, at least I tried!

See you next time!

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