It’s in one of those moments when we see the truth. Life, the universe, it all seems to make sense. But it’s too late! The thoughts are back inside your heads.

We think a lot. Some more, some less, but generally speaking we all have thousands of thoughts a day. How is the weather, how do I look like, why don’t I ask for raise at work, what should I eat, ….

Thoughts are there and that’s fine! We have to learn to control them. To push them away if necessary. But it’s not about our thoughts, it’s about us. We have to learn to keep our minds free. Free of unimportant stuff that doesn’t help us in this very moment.

You have read so far and had already numerous of thoughts in your head. You were thinking about thoughts, your thoughts, my thoughts, all kind of thoughts. You may have lost your focus already and notice that you are thinking about something else entirely.

The practice of meditation is not to stop thinking, it’s understanding that we are thinking and pushing the thoughts away.

See you next time!

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