It would start with a cinematic scene. A train rushing by. Leaves flying around. Hectic music. A switch to the inside. Now the landscape is rushing by. The camera moves down the hallway. Empty seats. More empty seats. Some passengers here and there. More empty seats. The girl. Sitting against the driving direction in a four seater. Light blond hair. A bag. Earphones. One leg lifted onto the heating underneath the table. Right arm supporting her head. The glance out of the window. The face calm and thoughtful. In the left hand a phone…

The next scene. Switch to the guy. He is walking in the train station. Tall, leather jacket, sunglasses, tight jeans, one bag. He walks through the crowd. The camera is shaky. He looks up at the board. Satisfying face. Glance onto his phone. Glance into the crowd opposite the railway.

The train is slowing down. Squeaky noise. Passengers are getting nervous. Passengers are getting ready. Some passengers are standing up and walk in the direction of the doors.

Switch to the train station. A loud voice through the speakers announce a train. People are flooding the platform. Wild talking. Some last cigarettes. The camera moves to the side. The train is in sight.

Transition to driving cab of the train. An over exaggerated break movement with the hand. Transition to the girl. Sitting calm in the same position as before. Transition to the glance through her window. The landscape is slowing down. The first train station typical signs are in sight. The landscape slows down further. The landscape stops.

The guy is still looking on his phone while the crowd around him is moving towards the train. A glance from him up to the train. The camera right behind him. A train with a large window. The girl is looking into his eyes.

Transition to the girl. She is looking at the guy. Her face still calm and in thought. A light smile. A bigger smile.

The guy looks down. The guy looks up again. He smiles because she is smiling. He looks away. He looks back at her. He smiles again.

She smiles again. She moves her hand away from her head. She starts to sit straight. A glance to her phone. A glance back to him. The crowd around them is moving fast. Some people get out. Some people get in. A whistling sound. A female voice through the speakers again.

They look each others into the eyes. Both smiling. The landscape starts to move again. Slowly, then faster. She moves her head to the right to keep eye contact. She changes her position. She leans towards the window. He is gone from her sight.

Transition to the train station. The guy is suddenly standing alone at the train station. His shoulders hanging down. The bag resting against his back. In the distance the train is moving away.

One last attempt from her to see him. No chance. She moves up her knee and waits for the next song to get played through her headphones.

See you next time!

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