The Porsche dream is getting closer. If everything works out as planned, the Porsche should come in 2024. Just one year left, or maybe even less than that. Honestly, my lifestyle has changed quite a bit in the recent time. The value of having a car is no longer a real thing. Sure, I drive into the office on some days, but a car is no longer really a necessity in my life. And so, owning a sportscar seems to make more sense if we are talking about the running costs, but less sense if we are talking about the use case in which I need a car.

Of course a 911 is a good allrounder and it can cover all my daily business situations easily, but it’s something else. My perspective on cars has changed. It was priority number one in my life and for sure it’s still on top of the game, but it has lost some of its magic. Maybe because I am too close to actually having my first Porsche. Maybe I am afraid that it will not be as cool and fantastic as imagined. I learned my lesson. I know that there are more important things in life than a car. But who knows, I guess life is still more fun sitting in a Porsche, so who cares.

I do not have an exact plan about the timing. I just know that my current car will go back to the dealership at the end of January 2024. So, after that, some time in the future, I might need another car. And that’s going to be the Porsche no matter what!

See you next time!

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