One important part of the equation is the regeneration process. If you do not give your body the time that it needs to rebuild itself, your training will either be very inefficient, if not even dangerous because of the increasing likelihood to get injured. Overdoing it might be as bad as not doing something after all. The way to go? Something in the middle.

Regeneration doesn’t just mean to stop training for a certain amount of time. It’s not just the time that is important, it’s the actual regeneration process. Some might regenerate faster, others slower. Of course you can still do something while regeneration. But it needs to be well timed. Some have heard about splitting the training. The so called “leg day” might be quite famous actually. Well, in reality it’s important to listen to your body and act accordingly. I do sport on every single day of the week and can still recover from it. How? Because there is so much we can do and focus on, you do not have to do the stereotypical gym workout every single day. You can just go for a run, ride your bicycle, do some stretching, go swimming, do some other kind of sport. Honestly, there is so much we can do to keep on going without overdoing it.

Just look at your current workout routine and try to balance everything out. Very similar to the way you try to keep the between your back and front, you have to find a balance between endurance, strength, stability and various other forms of activities.

See you next time!

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