Sometimes the little things matters, sometimes they don’t. In a renovation project the little things make the big things even better. That’s why after the basic tasks you have to focus on the little things.

Skirting boards, paint corrections and cable channels.

Nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be perfect. But some details can make the difference! That’s why you shouldn’t forget about them. I always hated skirting boards that have strange shapes and or colors. That’s why I picked white rectangular shaped once that make a perfect transition from the floor to the white walls.

Speaking about the walls. You can paint as often as you want to, you will always find a spot that isn’t right. That’s why you should schedule in a paint correction process in which you will just repaint all the spots that aren’t perfect. Doesn’t people will notice that? Honestly, no, they don’t. As long as it is the same color nobody will look in such a detail.

And last but not least I needed some cable channels. I do not really have a problem with cables hanging around everywhere. But I just have so many cables due to my work area, my racing simulator and the like, that I needed at least some for the major distances between the walls and the objects.

See you next time!

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