I am supposed to tell you when there is something new, hey, actually there is, I have one week off. True, it’s my first time off for this year after the winter holidays but I didn’t really need it. Not like last year or the year before. I have made quite some progress at work. I am on top of my tasks and can handle the pressure.

So what will I do? Travel the world? Definitely not! You know me by now, I am not that kind of a person. No, instead I will use the time and focus on myself. There are certain things to do, as always, but once they are done I can basically do whatever I want. Well, I do whatever I want everyday anyways, don’t I? So where is the point? Honestly, there is no point. I do not even need a time off. But I will not complain, it’s better that way so I can focus on the 24h race on the weekend.

See you next time!

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