#144 ONE HOUR SPECIAL EDITION – 20 minutes writing challenge #10 – The drive – A short story

Laisse tomber les filles from France Gall Welcome to the ONE HOUR SPECIAL EDITION of the 20 minutes writing challenge. Basically it works like all the other challenges, only with the slight difference, that I had an hour instead of the regular 20 minutes. Therefore, just listen to the song and read the short story.... Continue Reading →

#132 20 minutes writing challenge #8 – The perfect dream

Petals from Bibio Hey you! Another day, another 20 minutes writing challenge. Enjoy! The perfect dream Source: https://media.fromthegrapevine.com/assets/images/2018/4/roping-moon-dream.jpg.480x0_q71_crop-scale.jpg 08.11.2019 Have you ever had a really weird dream that was so absurd and real at the same time? This dream I had tonight, it felt almost realistic! That dream, so weird, but kind of real at... Continue Reading →

#128 20 minutes writing challenge #7 – Monkey mind

Another time, another song. Today it's brass monkey ๐Ÿต Brass Monkey from Beastie Boys Monkey mind https://soulanalyse.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/monkey-mind1.jpg 04.11.2019 09:27 Most of the time my brain feels a little bit like that song. Loud, fast, and provocative. That monkey in my head, definitely not under control. There is so much stuff I need to do! I... Continue Reading →

#123 20 minutes writing challenge #6 – Where are we heading to?

Cornfiel Chase from Hans Zimmer Another 20 minutes writing challenge. Are you ready for the 2D reading experience? https://heritage-futures.org/app/uploads/2015/10/Top-image.jpg 30.10.2019 7:30 am Where are we heading to? 2019: We are destroying our planet. The environment is suffering. Climate change. Have you seen the movie Interstellar? Where this song was originally written for? Well, in case... Continue Reading →

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