#83 Never mind -*Topic week 5*- Meet me on the other side

The path to enlightenment is a long path. Not because it is hard, but because it will take your whole life to get there.

Enlightenment is not what people think it is. You do not need to live in a Buddhist temple, nor do you need to sit around all day long, trying to solve the biggest problems on earth. Enlightenment for me is the moment you realize that there is an alternative path in life and actually walking on it.

The moment you leave the path, your enlightenment title shall disappear, because you went off track. And this will happen at least a thousand times! But do not worry about it, because the more you get off and on the track, the easier it will get to realize the one and only truth in life.

Meditation doesn’t mean to do not think. Meditation means to realize that you are thinking and sending this thought away.

In order to calm myself down and find my rhythm again, I need to slow my thought creating process down. This is the only way. But how do I slow it down? Through the power of meditation. I realize the situation I am in, then I use the right technique to slow it down and this will directly lead to inner peace. Well, not at the beginning, but step for step. Compared to the start of the week I do not have made much progress, that’s right, but doing this same progress every week, I must be a yogi by 2025 🙂 haha Of course that was just a joke, because this is not my goal, but I could become one if I decide on doing it.

Problems will not be solved by sitting around, that’s for sure, but considering your options for a while and getting into a positive mindset hasn’t harmed anyone in history.

Make it a habit to observe your inner wellbeing. Not by making notes, but rather by listening to yourself. Our bodies always tell us what is going on, but we are just not listening.

Listen to your body. Get in touch with yourself. And finding your rhythm again is just a matter of time.

See you next time!

#82 Never mind -*Topic Week 5*- Why can’t I calm the fuck down?

In the last two days I had a lot of stress at work. This comes due to the single fact, that I do not have my mind under control. The events I had can be considered as being tough, but not that tough for someone with my experience in doing presentations.

So, why do I lose my control in situations like this? Yes, it is stressful. Yes, you step into the unknown. Yes, there is a risk of failing. But hey! You practiced all your life for this. Over the years, I have gathered a lot of experience with speaking in front of people. I have done hundreds of presentations, even leaded factory tours with 50 people or more. But every single time I face a crowd, or even think about it, I lose my rhythm.

I get into a kind of panicking mode, in which I can not do anything besides suffering and dealing with the consequences. But why is this the case? I mean, it is not that I hate it. In fact, I actually love it to speak in front of people, present something, or talk with them. Why is it so hard for me? Why can I not control it?

In order to improve my life quality, I really need to solve this problem. But how?

I mean, I already made the first step, because I notice the kind of situation as soon as it begins. But after this, I am just a passenger in my own life. I am not in control anymore. My mind gets overwritten by the safety procedure and my body is preparing itself for the impact. I get nervous, can not think clearly anymore and sweat like an animal.

How can I change this? How can I work on this?

Today, I tried to calm myself down. I took a break, went outside and tried to think it trough. Did it work? No. So, what did I do? I got trough the first presentation. What a surprise, I survived and met a colleague afterwards for having a break outside. We talked about old days and caught up on private stories. During that time, I was fine. No problems at all. But the moment I was back with my mind on the topic of having the next presentation, it all went straight back to the panicking mode.

Well, it seems like this is just my mind, because otherwise, I would have those problems in the break as well. So it is not a medical related problem, but rather the uncontrollability of my body and soul.

For the future, I really need to work on this and find a strategy, with which I can get out of this mess.

In the upcoming weeks, I will try to work on this in greater detail.

See you next time!

#81 Never mind – *Topic Week 5* – Mini Meditation sessions

So, how was your first real meditation session for the last couple of weeks?

Actually it was quite good. I followed the advice of setting the bar not to high and started off with low expectations.

Four minutes thirty-seven can be so long and boring. Unbelievable.

For today, I will do the next step. Instead of just sitting around and doing nothing, I will try to count from 1 to XX without losing my focus on the counting process. The moment I will lose my focus, I will restart from 1.

Mhh, sounds like it will stay at a one digit number, but anyway, the goal is just to do something.

Meditation doesn’t need to be like in the movies. There is no need for incense sticks, fancy Buddhist statues or flags. Just take some time for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you stay around, sit on a couch or lay in bed. Meditation starts in your head. It is your mindset, that is important. If you can work on this, the other pieces will fall into place automatically.

If you have a really boring meeting, or a long day at work, time feels like standing still. But actually, time is pretty much the same everywhere. So it is not that the time is running faster or slower, it is more how you feel about it. If time is running, you always have a great time, or a deadline coming up. Of course you know this effect, but do you really use it?

You can slow your days down, not by doing boring things. Don’t get me wrong with this, but rather by thinking about what you are actually doing. If I just stand here and write this blog, time is always running. So, what can I do to slow it down? Yes, I could write about boring things, but this doesn’t get me anywhere. Instead, I focus on the moment. Being in the “right now”. This is of course just what I feel, but actually it slows the process down. It lets me think about the present situation. So, why is this not considered a form of motivation? Of course it is a form of motivation. Not very effective to find your inner piece, but a beginning. A starting point.

Therefore, I will include more of these “moments” into my life. I will try to live life more consciously and think about my doing.

Waiting for a meeting to start, waiting in line in the canteen, or at a traffic light. Just use these moments to get into the now. Get into your brain and slow your world down. Stop for a moment and get your stuff together. The next heigh stress situation is already waiting at the corner.

See you next time!

#80 Never mind – *Topic Week 5* – Mindset

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

Steve Maraboli

Well, seems like this is a good starting point. But it also sounds a lot like the “law of attraction” theory. Don’t you think?

What do we want to achieve this week? I suggest to listen to ourself, to try to get into our own thinking process, to knock at the door of our mind and ask to get inside.

I personally try for years to find a meditation practice that I can do regularly. But until this day, I haven’t found it. This has of course multiple reasons, including my lack of interest, but anyway, this needs to change! So, what do I want?

I want a meditation practice that is …
… short.
… effective.
… interesting.
… relaxing.
… exciting.
… possible to do everywhere.
… allowing me to do it in the garden without having to think about my reputation.

Ok, but what is wrong with sitting cross legged on a cushion and closing your eyes? It is fucking boring, idiot! You can do that, if you want to! But for me, this is not practical at all! My mind is too active!

Ok, so where do we start? We start with the mindset. In order to introduce a daily meditation practice into my life, I need to find the right mindset. For me, this means having good reasons for doing it.

Coming down after a stressful situation at work, or better keep it calm while being in the stressful situation, stop worrying about things that will never ever actually happen. Enjoy life at its fullest.

Mhh, sounds kind of convincing. What is next? Maybe the time! Ok, I can not do this in the morning. This is too stressful, I need to do this in the evening, or better, in the night. So, starting from today, I will invest 4 minutes and 37 seconds on my meditation directly before I go to sleep.

What will I do? For today, I will just sit on my bed. And for the next couple of days, we will figure something out.

If you do some research on how to meditate, there are a million possible ways out there. From HRV training, to mantras to breathing exercises to guided meditations. I have tried a lot of different versions already, but still, it wasn’t working.

Hearth rate variability (HRV) training sounds interesting, or let’s say, scientifically proofed, therefore I want to focus on this in the future. But for this week, I will start without fancy equipment.

See you next time!

#76 Ignore your opponents

What does it take to get into the top 5 percent? – Topic Week 4 –

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.

Winston S. Churchill

If you want to get into the top 5 percent, you need to ignore the naysayers, the realists and all those other forms of negative energy. They do not want to help you, they want to keep you on their level!

You can not listen to what they are saying!

First of all, you shouldn’t have the time for listening anyways, but also you just do not want to hear it. They have no clue what they are talking about. Therefore, in order to get moving forward, you need to ignore them.

But this is not that easy! Sometimes you are standing pretty close to them, they are family members, friends, or neighbors and you can not and will not break up the contact. So, how do we handle a situation like this?

I often time fall back into a strange kind of state. I listen to what they are saying, and then, really out of nothing agree with them! I hear myself saying things like “I do not want to work today, I want to go home, too!” or “This is sooo hard!” or “I do not have enough motivation for this!”

But what the fuck is this!!! What am I doing? I agree with them in order to prevent their opposition. If I would tell all the people at work about my life goals and what I will do in the future. 95 % of them would laugh about that and add: “You will never reach that! Wake up kid!

So, what do I do? I shut my mouth, ignore my mindset and agree with them…

Is this the right way? Probably not, but I do not see an alternative! At least not in this environment at work or in my neighborhood. They have a pretty good picture about how life needs to look like. And if someone tries to break out of this prison, starts to get on new paths, he is attacking everything they live for. He would destroy their whole lifework, their pure existence in an instant! Therefore, this other mindset needs to be eradicated! “This is devils talk! We shall burn him!” I mean, they are not really saying that, but deep inside them, they feel something like this. For them, life is:

Work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, weekend and this 52 weeks a year, except some weeks of vacation to have a topic to talk about during the lunch breaks.

But for us, life is more than this! Life is something greater than this! We are following our inner drive! We are reaching our goals! We are stepping into the unknown! We are the explorers of this generation! Not by “traveling the world and posting it on instagram” but in finding out who we are and what our purpose is this time in life.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

You already know why! Why are you still thinking about what to do? Just do it man!

And this is it for this weeks special topic. As I can see from the statistics, nobody is reading it, but I am fine with that. Because one day or another, someone will find this, read it and transforms his life in the most astounding life imaginable! And I can not wait to see this happening!

See you next time!

#75 What does it take to get into the top 5 percent? – *Topic Week 4* – Hard work

Nobody said it would be easy!

Life is supposed to be easy, fun and awesome! But sometimes, we forget about this. We are captured in our own little world, focusing on our day to day work and loosing the big picture all together.

If you want to get into the top 5%, there is no life hack getting you there!

In order to become better at something, investing more time can be a really good idea. But only, if that time will be used effectively! And with effectively I mean you need to work hard! We do not need to talk around this fact. It is better to realize this fact right now and right here!

So, what does it take to get into the top 5 percent? The answer: Hard work!

If you think, that just doing something here and there is enough, you will miserably fail my friend! Reaching your goals is not a matter of luck! Reaching your goals is hard and continuous work!

The way to the top is just that, a way! So start moving!

You need to work hard every day. From my personal view, a lot of people do not know what hard work really is. They think it is just pushing trough the pain, or working their ass off at work. But this is not hard work! This is just working hard for a couple of hours or minutes.

Hard work means having a dream and doing everything to reach it!

From the moment you are waking up in the morning until the end of the day in the evening. You are working as hard as possible on your dreams! Nothing can stop you! Nothing can hold you down! You are the hardest working person in the room, house, city, country, world, universe! You do not know what hard work is, because you are always working hard! There is no normal working in your life! And with this attitude, you will not only be able to move mountains, but also to reach your goals!

From this day onwards, your life can be changed with the blink of an eye! Just accept the fact, that you need to work hard!

And when is the best moment for starting? Right now!

You are not just a dreamer! Someone who doesn’t know how life is really are! You are a winner! Because you work on your goals as hard as possible, every single day!

“But all the others!” Forget them! They have no clue about life! They do the same things they always did! Not because they are different in any ways but rather because they do not know it better. Nobody showed them the way I am showing you! Therefore, make it a habit to teach those people these lessons. They need to know their options in life! They deserve it!

That is it for today! Go out there and work hard!

Failing is not an option!

See you next time!

#74 What does it take to get into the top 5 percent? – *Topic Week 4* – Mindset

In order to get to the top, you need to have the right mindset!

The winner mindset!

The second you get on the back of a horse, it already knows what kind of a person you are. No matter what you want to do in life, if you hesitate on doing something, we will all notice and ignore you. If you do not believe me, make a test. Get into a crowed and try to get from one end to the other. If you hesitate once, your way will be blocked forever. But if you are determined to get to the other side and really believe in yourself, you will just walk trough, touching others on the shoulder, “Make some space!”Hey! Let me trough! Thank you!” and the other side will just be a matter of time.

It doesn’t matter if you want to walk trough a crowd, get a new job, start with that business idea or get what you deserve. The moment you hesitate, the battle will be won by someone else.

In the sim racing world, where I am currently preparing myself for the real world of motorsport, you can see this in every race. If you are closing in on someone and do not show him instantly that you are the boss who is overtaking him, he will blog you off without any effort. This is just a matter of psychology. If you can pretend to be someone else, even though you are not on that level by now, he will be defeated before you actually start to do something. Just flash your lights, make yourself big in his mirrors. Break into the dark spot, where he can not see you anymore and he shall be defeated.

Distracting and pretending. The key to success in sim racing.

But how is this helping you to get into the top 5%? Well, as funny as this might sound, but this strategy works even if there is no competitor at all, but rather just your mind. If you play a role, pretend to be in a certain situation, you can actually trick yourself. With the right mindset, your brain will think that you are already at that point in life, where you want to be.

Pretending until it gets reality.

If you want to become a singer, pretend to already be one and do what a singer would do. If you want to be a professional photographer, do what a professional photographer would do. This is of course using “the law of attraction” but it also helps you in order to stay motivated.

Why do I work so much on my racing career, even though it will take years until I will be able to make the next step? Because if I do not start now, why should it change in the future? I will not wake up one morning and realize, that I became a racing driver over night. This is a long process, as everything else in this world. If you do not start you will not finish.

The best time for starting is right now!

Forget what your parents, your friends, your wife or husband, your kids, your colleagues or your neighbors are saying. This is your dream! This is your life! Not theirs!

But a dream stays a dream, until you actually do something about it! So, DREAM –> ACT –> SUCCEED

Three steps to your goals. Follow the path wherever it will lead you!

See you next time!

#73 What does it take to get into the top 5 percent? – *Topic Week 4* – My approach

As already stated out on multiple occasions, this blog will document my journey to success, with the term “success” standing for “reaching my goals”.

How is the 5% rule working?

It is actually pretty easy. As you can see in the category “The road to success”, I have created a small time tracker, where I am documenting my workload during the week. As you can see, I am working 40 h a week in the office, but can still manage to do a lot of things. And you can do the same! Of course, you do not need to, but just realize the fact that you could. It depends on your goals how much time you actually need to invest, or let’s say, how much time makes sense to invest in order to keep moving forward.

There is nothing gained by nearly killing yourself on the treadmill today, if you need 4 weeks for recovery.

Ok, so using your time efficiently should be a top priority at the beginning. Where can you shave of some time, where can you integrate something into your busy schedule or make a compromise? How can you prevent yourself from stopping?

Use your limited amount of time efficiently

Well, be creative! If you like watching TV, but also want to work on your endurance for the next Boston marathon? Why don’t you combine those two interests? Or even better, combine your workout with another top 5% goal. I do this all the time and it actually works pretty good. Doing my workouts, practicing on the racing simulator or drive to work, I just listen to podcasts about entrepreneurship, motivation and this in every language I want to. Now I have even combined three of my goals.

Motivation. Something you can never have enough of!

Another point is of course your motivation. If I need to force myself for doing something, this is not the best idea. On the one hand I will most likely do it wrong or do not have my focus right, but on the other hand I will also lose even more motivation to work on this goal. Please remember, maybe tell it yourself multiple times. “Life is supposed to be fun! This is supposed to be fun! Go out there and enjoy it!”

Talking about fun, you should have fun while working on your goals. You need to love the process, feeling good when doing it and kind of can not wait until finally do it again. I have written a lot of stuff about certain areas of this in the section “Passion, Motivation & Mindset”. Just read it, if you are interested.

Keep track of what you are doing

You do not need to write a diary, telling your future self how hard you worked today in the gym. I mean, feel free to do this, it will help you to stay motivated, but honestly, you shouldn’t have time for this. Go play with your kids, meet friends or work on your goals. But keeping track of what you are doing is important. You need to make progress, increase your efficiency and work on your weaknesses. But how can you do this, if you do not know what you have done? The solution, make something like I do with “the road to success”. It takes me about 5 minutes a week and helps a lot.

Create mini challenges

If you like competitions, you should consider doing this as well. In some sports this is pretty easy to do, but not in everything you are doing. How can you battle someone this weekend while trying to become an entrepreneur? This is not possible. Therefore, I highly recommend you to create some “mini challenges”. They can be actually small, like, I will brainstorm 5 business ideas daily for the next week, or bigger ones, like I will have a 10 km run on Sunday at 11 am to simulate a race I want to compete in in 3 month. I will pretend that this is a real competition and give everything I can. Maybe invite some friends and battle each other on the track.

Change the way you are practicing frequently

Having a routine is quite helpful in order to work on something continuously. But! And this is important to notice, it only works, because you are getting used to it. You do not need to focus anymore, you know every single step of the process by hearth and so on. Of course we want to work on our goals regularly, don’t get me wrong with that, but we want to actively work on our skills. Therefore try to find an in-between solution where you have a kind of routine, but also some new elements.

I guess, this is it for today.

See you next time!

#72 What does it take to get into the top 5 percent? – *Topic Week 4* – An introduction

Yesterday, everyone could watch an awesome formula one race from Italy. Those 20 drivers, not only heroes, but also top performers in their field. For them, there is just one goal in life!

But for us, mortal beings, this is not really possible, is it? We have a job, a family and other “burdens” that hold us back from becoming the next formula one star!

“But if they were not there, I would …”.

And this is where I want to start. We can do what ever we want to do in life. Never ever in history, was it that easy to connect with people, start a business or live your dream. But most of us do not do this. They live a normal life, a simple life.

But there is actually a way. Even for us! I will call it the 5% rule.

What ever you are doing, get into the top 5%.

Instead of having one big goal to actually get to the top, you should rather have multiple once where you aim high, but not too high. Reaching the top 5% is ambitious, especially if you have a lot of different goals, but for the amount of time you are having, this is in my eyes the better option.

So how do we do this? How do we get into the top 5 %? Where is the top 5%? And who is in there?

Being an engineer, just guessing is of course not the best option, but because of the sake of simplicity, we should just assume for now and check later on during the process.

So, how do we start? Well, you hopefully know what you are passionated about, so just take what ever it is and try to get the big picture.

  • What do you want specifically?
  • What do you need to do in the next year to get started or increase your efforts?
  • Do a benchmark. What are the professionals doing? How are they practicing?
  • Use the Pareto principle. Where can you invest some time to increase your overall performance significantly? Make a schedule of how to tackle this.

And now, just do it!

So what does it take?

It takes everything. It takes a lot of your valuable time! It means to make sacrifices! Cut back on certain areas. You need motivation and focus. You need to work on this continuously! You need a new mindset! You need to reflect on your performance. Develop better and more efficient strategies to use your time in a better way. And of course set new stimuli.

But what does it not take?

Your freedom, your family, your friends, your life. And why? Because you are not investing 100% of your time. And by the way, even if you would invest 100% of your time right now, the learning curve wouldn’t be that different. Once you have created a foundation, you can increase the workload, and even change priorities. You never know how your life will look like in 5 to 10 years.

Ok, but enough about me, talking about general stuff. Tomorrow we will actually start on how to work on this. I will try to explain the way I am doing it. Hopefully this will help you!

See you next time!

#69 Save our world -*Topic Week 3*- The conclusion

The conclusion. Or rather my conclusion.

Being an engineer, or better, trying to become one, this whole situation is so sad. We tend to think that we are much better than the humans that have lived 10000 years ago, but actually we are still kind of the same. There might be a solution for this! And if we all work together as a team, we would already have it, but no no no! We are better than our peers, other nations, other companies, or what ever!

I mean, hey! Don’t get me wrong on this, a little competition is awesome! I wouldn’t consider doing motorsport otherwise, but lets not forget the aim we are having here, or better, should have here. The price for finding “the solution” is not a golden trophy, a hand signed letter from Michael Jackson or what ever there is valuable on this world, but it is rather the solution itself. So, why is there no international team working on this? Why is there no international TV weekly update on the current status? Why do we still need to explain the situation we are currently in to other people, including presidents of certain countries? What the fuck are we doing!!!

I personally do nothing for the environment! At least not actively! I mean, I try my best at work, because I need to! But in my personal life? Saving the environment is not a top priority! And why?

Why is that not a priority? It really should be, but I have other problems. Really? No! I could easily do more! And so do everyone else!

In order to save our world we shouldn’t wait for the others.

Do something and motivate others to do the same!

See you next time!