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  • #116 Your brain, a powerful tool

    23. Oct 2019 by

    Yesterday, I was asked by a friend about some advise for his next semester. In the last ones he really was struggling a lot and needed to repeat some exams. It seems like this advise is useful for you guys as well, therefore I am writing this short post. Read “Moonwalking with Einstein” from Joshua… Read more

  • #115 Start in your mind

    22. Oct 2019 by

    This is a part of Project W (double you) Recently I have seen a video that was supposed to motivate me to start working with this dude on my fitness level and buy his products. Well, it wasn’t the best commercial I have ever seen, but I have still one thing in mind that this… Read more

  • #114 Who am I?

    21. Oct 2019 by

    Time is a funny thing. At the beginning we can not wait until we get older, but then, we kind of lose the sense of time and realize this fact way to late in life. Who am I? This is a really good question. Yesterday, I received a package from a friend from Italy. 🇮🇹… Read more

  • #113 20 minutes writing challenge #3 – Dreamer

    20. Oct 2019 by

    Dreamer from Isbells. Dreamer I am not sure what I should think about this song. It actually sounds pretty much like that kind of music you would use for a fancy muesli bar commercial. People are running next to an at least 200 years old tree through meter high golden corn that is moving heavily… Read more

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