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    We have to do the small things right to get everything right. Details matter. That’s a fact. But where is the line? How close do we have to look? The answer? Very close! It’s the simplest of things we have to control before we can move on to something bigger. It doesn’t matter what we…

  • #1430 THE ROAD TO SUCCESS – WEEK 21 – 2023

    Do you experience the same? Time is flying! We can’t stop it, but we can keep track of our time. In my weekly statistic I document exactly how I have spend my most valuable time.

  • #1429² TO THE TOP  ↑² – S4 E4 – READY FOR THE NEXT STEP?

    For weeks I am wondering about this question. Am I ready? Ready to move on? Ready to jump into the cold water all over again? I still haven’t found the answer yet. I guess it will not be up to me to decide. Let’s see what my future life will offer? We can’t make it…

  • #1428² RACING IS LIFE² – S9 E4 – 24H Nürbrugring 2023

    It would be too easy to simply describe what I have seen and noticed. You can watch it yourself! But today I want to talk about something specific. I want to talk about the changes this race has made in the past years. I can still remember the days when the online stream during the…