Background story


Struggling in life just as everyone else, I finally took the courage to start chasing after my dreams. And well, this is my story!

Being lucky to suffer particularly hard from a lot of different things in life at the very same time, even the most common day to day activities transform into real obstacles that I need to overcome on a regular basis.

“But why is this a good thing, you are asking?”

Because this is changing everything! This is a so called “Game Changer”! It’s changing your personality, your dreams, your actions, your day to day life. Or basically, everything! It allows you to break out of the pattern and right into a new life you would have never believed could exist!

“Are you physically ok?”

Yes, I am totally fine, or at least that is what the doctors are saying. But what they do not check is what I think, what I feel and why I suffer.

Having found a way to deal with this situation, I experienced and still experience something, that others would describe as a life changing event. Just with the difference, that instead of having this once and forgetting all about it on our way through life, I experience an ongoing sequence of life changing events! It feels like someone or something wants me to go through this! Over and over again! I guess, there is still a lesson to learn. Something I missed the day before!

Being still quite young, considering a life expectancy of 80 plus years, I do not have the mindset of someone my age! At least not anymore! I have changed! Everything! I put my old life on pause and turned it upside down! And well, in fact, this is everything it takes. You just need to start doing things differently!

In case you are new to this blog and have no clue about what to expect, let me put it this way. This is not a normal blog! I guess, it’s everything else besides normal what I do. Therefore, this blog can not be normal as well! I post every day! Like literally, every day. And this for a very long time already. The starting number of each blog post will tell you the exact day.

I document my way towards success. I share with you everything that it takes. The good moments, but also the bad ones. The moments when you feel great! The moments when you feel disappointed.

The goal is clear, I have defined them many years ago! Now, I am just reaching. One after the other. But it’s the journey, of course, that is so interesting. In life, they say, that you can reach anything! But they do not tell you how. Well, I do!

In order to help myself, why don’t I help you? Makes sense, does it? And here we are! This is my journey! What is yours?

Some random facts about me, you probably did not know.


  • Apprenticeship – technical product designer
  • Bachelor of engineering – mechanical engineering
  • Master of engineering – mechanical engineering and management


  • Endless motivation
  • Pushing through
  • Never giving up
  • Observing my surroundings
  • Driving cars


  • Being afraid about uncertainties
  • Food intolerance
  • Not leaving enough space to the car in front


  • Motorsport
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life long learning
  • Improving
  • Porsche

For more information read what I have to say or just ask!

See you next time!

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