About life-coaching

Suffering in life like each and everyone of us, I know exactly how you must feel. I have been there, on multiple occasions and still get there from time to time.

But life is not supposed to be like that. There is an alternative route towards success. In my blog, I try to talk exactly about that. What does it take to get from where you are right now, to whom you want to become? What are the key factors to success, but more importantly, how to implement these steps into our busy schedules.

I do not claim that this is the only way to success. I do not even claim that this is right thing to do. I just say that it works and that’s the reason why I do it. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, learn a new language, get better at what you are currently doing or turn your life completly upside down, finally taking the courage and chase after your dreams. If you break these overwhelmingly looking obstacles into tiny little pieces, it comes all back to a couple of fundamental basics. The funny thing about that? They are neither unique to your situation, nor very hard to overcome. They are no hidden secrets, nor implemented into mystical magic formulas. Most of them are just general knowledge. You already know these things, but still, you are struggling. A lot.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, or how your unique situation looks like. If you break your problems down into pieces, you will realize what I am talking about. There are some essential points in your life, that you are still missing out on completely. Without them, I am sorry to announce, but I don’t see you reaching your goals anytime soon.

Ok, I understand what you are talking about, but where is the deal? What are you going differently, that others can’t or will not do?

The secret, which is of course not a secret after all, is just the summary of a certain amount of qualities. It is like the greatest hits, a collection of the most important cornerstones which you need, in order to proceed. To step ahead. To improve upon your situation.

My blog is all about that. You can find everything you need out there, for free. But the thing I have realized is, that this is not really practical for you to do. Being at something around 200000 words these days, the blog is getting longer and longer. Alone the time you would need to read all of that, is probably better invested in focusing on your current situation.

For sure, I have realized that and implemented the “PROJECT W (DOUBLE YOU) program to my blog, trying to focus more specific on these things. Giving you the step by step guide you are waiting for. But, as I need to accept right now, even this approach failed miserably. It is still too long, too unspecific, too general in its existence. I have tested this with a lot of people already and saw it at first hand. It doesn’t work for everyone.

That is the reason why you can read, what you are currently reading. I accepted that this new approach, this new attempt was a flop once more. But, as I was reflecting on the program, I realized my next step.

Welcome to my coaching zone!

This is the place, where I can specifically focus on your case. Analyzing what you are doing, what you are missing out on and how to proceed from there. Step by step. Day by day. This has no general script. This has no plan or a fixed schedule. This is just you and me, working on your goals together as a team. We can arrange meetings, calls, what ever you are comfortable with.

Well, as always in life, everything comes with a price. For sure, that is what we are used to, right? Right! But this time, it’s a little bit different, because it’s not the A typical situation. For sure, you want something from me, but what do I want from you? First of all, I want to have the experience. I want to learn from your situation. I want to figure out where you are struggling, why you are struggling and more importantly, how we can find a work around solution for your unique situation. Therefore, my main goal is not to make a ton of money, but rather to get the feedback I need, in order to improve upon the things I am currently working on. It will be a book, or at least, that is what people might assume when they are seeing the cover and layout. But actually, it will be differ from normal books, but that is a completely different topic.

If you are interested in finding out more about this coaching project, you can either check out the program with clicking right here, or get in contact with me directly.

Contact: Andreas
E-mail: dream.and.act.to.succeed@gmail.com
Phone: +49160 99176049