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  • #1316² SHORT STUFF – S3 E12 – EARLY BIRD

    4. Feb 2023 by

    Mornings are the best. The air is fresh, the first sun rays are fighting their way towards earth, the birds are singing and the idiots are still sleeping. I mean it, there seems to be less idiots up already. Agreed, maybe that’s just a misinterpretation from my side. Just because there are less people awake… Read more


    3. Feb 2023 by

    The first step is always the most fun part, isn’t it? Getting whatever it is out of the room. Cleaning up isn’t the right word to describe the process. It’s rather a combination of an anti-aggression seminar and a fully body workout. The room was used as our home gym before, therefore we had to… Read more

  • #1314² SPORT – S1 E2 – WHEN BEING SICK

    2. Feb 2023 by

    Doing sport while being sick is a no-go for me, at least if we talk about the real deal. I might have’t cared enough about my health in my youth, but those days are thankfully over now. When being sick our bodies need time to recover. Light sport can increase the recharging of our batteries,… Read more

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