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    4. Oct 2022 by

    Cold, fog, low visibility, not enough sunlight to see. The birds are singing. The window is open. The glass turns transparent again. You should close it. No, actually you should. It’s way too cold. It’s autumn, but a cold day in autumn. You woke up early, too early. You can hardly see your neighbors houses.… Read more

  • #1191² MEDITATION 4.0² – S7 E3 – DISTRACTIONS

    2. Oct 2022 by

    Being the master of your mind or just distracted? When we focus on something, positive or negative, it doesn’t even matter, our mind becomes the opposite from being distracted. We have all experienced a moment in our lives when worries, doubts, or a silly mistake knocked right to the ground, at least mentally. The only… Read more

  • #1190² PROJECT W (DOUBLE YOU)² – S7 E3 – TIME

    1. Oct 2022 by

    Because it’s time. Time is a fascinating thing, but at the same “time” quite brutal. Once a moment is over it is over, gone, history already. This moment, that moment and even this moment. Already gone, gone and gone… Time is highly limited. We can’t travel back in time, at least to my current knowledge.… Read more

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