As I have already described in the about section of this coaching program, on this page you can find the program I am offering.

One on one meetings only

Via: Whats app, Skype, Facebook messenger, real meetings
Type of meeting: Video Call, Call, Chatting
Duration: A meeting takes as long as it takes. There will be no fixed times.
Payment: Unique offer suitable for your situation

Time schedule

Phase 1: Getting to know each other

Chatting, calls, video calls, what ever you prefer. You need to get to know me, I need to get to know you. Because of the reason, that we need to suit to each other, being like minded and in harmony, I can not and will not work with everyone, therefore this process is of course completely free from any costs and liabilities.

Phase 2: Rolling out the coaching program

This is where it all starts. We will figure out a system that is working for you and your unique lifestyle. We will schedule our meetings and work on your goals. It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your journey or already in the midst of the fight. We start from where ever you are currently standing.

Further explanation of the payment process:

Because of the reason, that I assume, that the pricing will be the most concerning topic you have right now, I will explain it to you in detail to make sure, that you understand what I am talking about.

First of all I need to mention again, that my primary goal is not to make money, but instead to get the necessary feedback for my blog project/ book and of course to help you reaching your goals. Therefore, depending on the amount of clients I will have, the price will adapt itself accordingly. The less clients I have, the cheaper it will become, because I can still mange to do everything I am currently doing. But, and this is a really important thing here to mention, I want to help everybody. Therefore, if you are currently not in the position to be able to afford this coaching program, even though it doesn’t cost much anyways, we will figure out a unique offer especially for you. From paying me later in the year to later in life, everything is possible. I do not need the money, but instead the experience and feedback from and with you, therefore I am willing to support you and your situation in the best way possible.


I hope this explains the concept as good as possible. If you are still having any questions or want to start into your new life, just get in contact with me.

Contact: Andreas
Phone: +49160 99176049

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