Book writing diary

Because everyone can do this!


Saturday, 07.03.2020

Reflected on my current life and planned the next steps for this year. Book idea gets a high priority, but don’t want to start one week before the new semester kicks off. Start of the book maybe in August, but master thesis will start in October… I am not sure what I should do.
(1h) & (0 words) into the project.

Sunday, 08.03.2020

Summarized the current book idea after having a conversation with a friend on the phone. I really like the idea, but I need to find a way how to structure the book.
(3h) & (30 words) into the project.

Tuesday, 10.03.2020

A friend sends me the link to the official announcement. The semester start will be postponed until the 20.04.2020 due to the corona virus. I switch off my racing simulator and discuss the opportunity with myself. One minute self talk, then it is clear. I will do it right now. Started off with the writing process in the evening.
(8h) & (2000 words) into the project.

Wednesday, 11.03.2020

Getting up in the morning, writing my daily blog before working on the book until the evening. Structure of the book created with a mind-map. Figuring out the right order of the topics will be a continuous process. 3 hours racing simulator before getting to bed.
(18h) (10000 words) into the project.

Thursday, 12.03.2020

Basically the same. Getting up, writing my blog, writing my book, racing simulator, good night.
(28h) (14000 words) into the project.

Friday, 13.03.2020

Getting up, writing my daily blog, writing my book. Some racing and eating in between.
(36h) (18000 words) into the project.

Saturday, 14.03.2020

Again nothing really new. I was invited at my aunts place, therefore I was just working for some hours in the morning and the evening on the project.
(43h) (19000 words) into the project.

Sunday, 15.03.2020

What a nice Sunday it was. The sun shining and people seemed to forget about the corona for a while, walking up and down the streets. After my morning writing routine that has started to become my new thing, I spent my afternoon with the project as well.
(48h) (22000 words) into the project.

Tuesday, 17.03.2020

Reading through the already written parts and correcting it.
(54h) (225000 words) into the project.

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