#27 Meditation 4.0 – Season 1 Episode 3 – Burnout prevention

In todays world, your availability is kind of expected 24/7. We are getting constantly bombarded with messages, meetings and calls. We run around like wild animals, rushing from one appointment to the other.

“GO, GO, GO!” We storm the office like a S.W.A.T. team. Always in a hurry! Each problem bigger and more important than the last one. One escalation after the other. “We need a task force, you will support them!”

This is what I see. This is what I absorb. We are destroying ourself! On purpose! And for what? For that job we do not like anyhow? For that silly paycheck that reaches us at the end of the month? Is life all about that?

It seems like that! But if you say something? Or try to improve the existing and obviously not working structure? They will stone you to death! Therefore, you shut your mouth!

Until … ! Exactly! Until you can not do this anymore. And why? Because you are finished! You are done! That is it! DEPRESSION! BURNOUT! Call it what you want!

Burnout! You burned out. You have overdone your mental capabilities. Your body tried to adapt, it really did! But now, it strikes! Completely!

Comparing this with a race car, you simply put “have overdone it!” Your car overheated, some suspension parts have been cracked and your engine is not running smoothly anymore.

But now, you need to deal with the consequences! You are having the feeling of falling. You are not standing on the ground anymore! There is nothing that holds you back. Nothing for you to grab! Nothing that will support you. You are just falling! Falling and falling. Down into a deep black hole!

But wait a minute! You do not burn out from one second to the other! That is like your race car comparison! You car does not get into such a condition from one second to the other. There are all those signs you get through the data. Maybe your oil temperature goes up, maybe your pace is to fast, maybe your tire temperature is too high. In a race car, you get all that feedback. You even have an engineer, checking the data and telling you directly into your ear, what you need to do right now, to prevent this thing from blowing up. But in your real life, there is no engineer who is checking your date, is it?

Actually it is! I mean, he is not that good as a race car engineer, because he is not really telling you what you need to do to change the situation, but at least, he tells you that something is going wrong.

Nobody can tell me, that he or she has not felt something, before the hell went loose! There are always signs! Because your body reacts to literally everything. Maybe you do not sleep so good anymore, maybe you have no appetite, maybe you do not feel fresh and energetic, maybe something hurts, maybe you do not feel good.

All those phenomena and many more do want to tell you something. But we, we do not listen. We ignore them! Because we are not weak people! Burnouts? That is something for losers! That is something for the weak! This is just an excuse to be lazy! Those statements can go on for ever.

We are too proud, to tell others what we are actually feeling. We are afraid of their reactions! We are afraid to lose our position in the company, in the tribe, in the soccer team, or even in the neighborhood.

But what can we do? What should we do? How should we do that?

This is the tricky part. This is the challenge!

In this series I want to tackle this! I want to find a way, where meditation is no longer something you are just sitting around and feeling of wasting your valuable time. Where others do not laugh about what you are doing, but actually want to join!

This morning, I was working for 2 hours and 10 minutes in the garden! Why do I know that so precisely? Because that is the duration of the latest Episode of the Tim Ferriss Show. Do I like working in the garden? Not really! Do I like challenges? Hell yeah! So what did I do, I started the Episode, got my tools and started digging. Did I do this for a reason? Of course! We are transforming a part of our garden. Did I enjoy doing it? Yes! Was that meditating? No! Did it had the same effect? No! It was even better! Comparing sitting around for 20 minutes and trying to think of nothing, with working for over two hours in the garden, feeling like actually doing something and at the same time switching off my brain completely. This can be declared as a successful session.

Of course it will not help me to work on my problems in certain situation, because I can not just tell my boss, I need to go behind the company building to dig the hell out of my mind, just to get over this current situation at work, but at least I found another way, how I can actually get that monkey inside my mind to rest.

What can I do today, to improve upon my situation? How do I understand, what my body wants to tell me? What signs can be interpreted for which problem?

Your body and your mind needs to work in harmony! They need to become a team! They need to be synchronized. They can not play against each other! Therefore, I need to find a way, how I can combine those two, at the moment not that nice to each other parties, into a life long hand in hand friendship.

Listen to what your body has to tell you!

Do not ignore the signs!

This is meditation 4.0! We will figure something out together.

See you next time!

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