#71 Goal reaching strategy?

There are numerous ways of “how to live your life“. You can follow your dreams, your feelings, or the things you are passionated about. But you can also do what others tell you. Build a house, get married, have some kids and save money for your retirement. You can even have different life’s. Some have an affair, others just pretending to be someone else or reach the point in life, where they just can not do this anymore and turn their life upside down, walking the way of St. James or other paths in order to find their inner piece and a reason for their existence.

For me, life is helping here a lot. The situation I am currently in, is not my final destination. How can I tell? My body shows me this everyday! Therefore, there is no need for me, to convince myself for changing, life is doing this every single day.

I will reach my goals no matter what!

If I tell people about my goals, 95% of them are all reacting in the same way.

“You will never actually reach that! That is too ambitious! You are too old already! You do not have the money! This is not possible! Stop dreaming, this will never ever happen!”

Well, they do not say it to me every time, but they think it. Mhh, what can I say? The other 5% are reacting in a different way. They listen to what you are having to say, they have a sense for how badly you want to reach this. They are fascinated about your mindset. They are willing to support you! For them, everything is possible.

In order to reach what ever you want to reach! You need to be in that top 5%!

But not only with your mindset. In order to have success on multiple fields, you need to be in the top 5% of everything you are doing.

Generally speaking there are thousand of different ways how to set up your goals. In the following I will just mention three of them.

  1. Become the Michael Jordan of what you are doing. Goal: be the best!
  2. Get into the top 5%. Goal: Be very good in it, but not necessarily the best.
  3. Just have some fun!

If you look at all the people who are engaged in doing something, let’s take “motorsport” you can try to become the best by investing 100% of your time. Keeping this in mind, there is nothing besides this goal in your life! You need a “one life, one goal!” strategy. Everything you are doing will lead you to your goal! You are becoming “the best”! The world champion!

Or you try another approach. This time, you do not want to become the best necessarily, but get into the top 5%. This means, you are working hard, but there are other priorities in your life as well. You are not investing 100% of your time on just one thing, but on multiple things.

Well, the last option will be something like “just have fun!”. You do this because you want to entertain yourself, there is no reason for doing this. Nothing needs to get out of the equation. You just want to have a nice day and enjoy life!

I chose the top 5% strategy!

In the upcoming week, we will talk about this topic.

What does it take to get into the top 5%?

See you next time!

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