#73 What does it take to get into the top 5 percent? – *Topic Week 4* – My approach

As already stated out on multiple occasions, this blog will document my journey to success, with the term “success” standing for “reaching my goals”.

How is the 5% rule working?

It is actually pretty easy. As you can see in the category “The road to success”, I have created a small time tracker, where I am documenting my workload during the week. As you can see, I am working 40 h a week in the office, but can still manage to do a lot of things. And you can do the same! Of course, you do not need to, but just realize the fact that you could. It depends on your goals how much time you actually need to invest, or let’s say, how much time makes sense to invest in order to keep moving forward.

There is nothing gained by nearly killing yourself on the treadmill today, if you need 4 weeks for recovery.

Ok, so using your time efficiently should be a top priority at the beginning. Where can you shave of some time, where can you integrate something into your busy schedule or make a compromise? How can you prevent yourself from stopping?

Use your limited amount of time efficiently

Well, be creative! If you like watching TV, but also want to work on your endurance for the next Boston marathon? Why don’t you combine those two interests? Or even better, combine your workout with another top 5% goal. I do this all the time and it actually works pretty good. Doing my workouts, practicing on the racing simulator or drive to work, I just listen to podcasts about entrepreneurship, motivation and this in every language I want to. Now I have even combined three of my goals.

Motivation. Something you can never have enough of!

Another point is of course your motivation. If I need to force myself for doing something, this is not the best idea. On the one hand I will most likely do it wrong or do not have my focus right, but on the other hand I will also lose even more motivation to work on this goal. Please remember, maybe tell it yourself multiple times. “Life is supposed to be fun! This is supposed to be fun! Go out there and enjoy it!”

Talking about fun, you should have fun while working on your goals. You need to love the process, feeling good when doing it and kind of can not wait until finally do it again. I have written a lot of stuff about certain areas of this in the section “Passion, Motivation & Mindset”. Just read it, if you are interested.

Keep track of what you are doing

You do not need to write a diary, telling your future self how hard you worked today in the gym. I mean, feel free to do this, it will help you to stay motivated, but honestly, you shouldn’t have time for this. Go play with your kids, meet friends or work on your goals. But keeping track of what you are doing is important. You need to make progress, increase your efficiency and work on your weaknesses. But how can you do this, if you do not know what you have done? The solution, make something like I do with “the road to success”. It takes me about 5 minutes a week and helps a lot.

Create mini challenges

If you like competitions, you should consider doing this as well. In some sports this is pretty easy to do, but not in everything you are doing. How can you battle someone this weekend while trying to become an entrepreneur? This is not possible. Therefore, I highly recommend you to create some “mini challenges”. They can be actually small, like, I will brainstorm 5 business ideas daily for the next week, or bigger ones, like I will have a 10 km run on Sunday at 11 am to simulate a race I want to compete in in 3 month. I will pretend that this is a real competition and give everything I can. Maybe invite some friends and battle each other on the track.

Change the way you are practicing frequently

Having a routine is quite helpful in order to work on something continuously. But! And this is important to notice, it only works, because you are getting used to it. You do not need to focus anymore, you know every single step of the process by hearth and so on. Of course we want to work on our goals regularly, don’t get me wrong with that, but we want to actively work on our skills. Therefore try to find an in-between solution where you have a kind of routine, but also some new elements.

I guess, this is it for today.

See you next time!

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