#99 Instagram, Facebook, blogging & Co. – Life changing

What ever you want to reach in life. If you believe in yourself, everything is possible.

In the 21th century, people tend to compare their lives with the lives of everyone else. Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms allow people to present their lives in the way, they want to present it.

“This is just fake, of course!”, some people would argue. But is this really true? It doesn’t matter if you write a blog, having a YouTube channel or having an Instagram account. There is actually a greater benefit behind all of this, that people often times oversee.

Just have a closer look at some Instagram pages you follow. You will instantly notice something quite remarkable. Over time, the life of those people actually changed. If you have a look at a young woman for example, that want to present a modern lifestyle with traveling, fashion and fun, the life of this person will actually change in that exact direction, she wants it to change. The need to deliver content every single day, drives those people to such an extent, that they feel a need to deliver that content regularly.

The statement “Practice what you preach!” can be considered as a good example. If you want to have a car related Instagram account, you need to talk about cars. You need to deliver pictures, videos and information. And this on a regular basis. So what do you think, you will do? Of course, you will invest a lot more of your time and spend it on creating that content. This topic will become a bigger part of your life, which in the end, has the potential to change your life entirely.

“Fake it until you make it”, becomes a reality.

At the beginning, a lot of the things you will see in in the social media world will be fake. But after a while, your life has no other chance than to move in the direction you want it to move. Because your action is leading you there.

You have a dream and are working on this dream 24/7? The only result can be success. This is simple mathematics!

Believe me! An engineer doesn’t become an engineer on the day, he or she gets his or her diploma. A pilot doesn’t become a pilot on the day he or she officially gets his or her license. A doctor doesn’t become a doctor on the day, he or she gets his or her papers. I guess I can stop this, because you already got the message. If you are having a hard time to motivate yourself, maybe you should consider working with the pressures, that a social media attendance will add to your life.

See you next time!

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