#120 20 minutes writing challenge #5 – No title

The Barrel from Aldous Harding

Just listen to that song and enjoy reading.

No title

What a day, what a life. Today was awesome! This new lecture I visit, fantastic, brilliant, exactly what I wished for. This dude has an awesome personality. That story about his company, what the heck? A movie writer couldn’t make it more dramatic.

This guy really motivated me in the way, that I need to start my own business’s and actually start to do something. The more I try, the more I will learn. Fail and fail and fail until you have learned enough to have success. My vision for starting my own motorsport team, already in the beginning.

Yesterday, it was just a dream, but today, today I am one step closer to my goal. I started to act. To do something. Is it a complex topic? Yes! Is it hard to get the money? Yes! Is it difficult to find people and manage the whole process? Hell yeah! But do you know what, this is the awesome thing about that. If it would be easy, everyone could do that.

A challenge is only a real challenge, if it challenges you, pushes you to your limits and even over them.

It is never about the outcome, it’s about the process. For years, I was looking for the right idea to start. I was wandering around, saying to myself “One day, one day you will have the idea! And then, you start.” But what I haven’t realized is the fact, that it is not about waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect idea, what’s oh ever. The best day to start is right now! Just start the process! Stop dreaming and act upon your dreams!

I really took a while to realize that fact. If you are openminded and interested in the stories others have to tell, you can learn so much about important topics in your life. Look for the passionated people, and if you find one, talk with them. Ask them about their motivation, their inner drive, their reasons behind all of what they are doing. And you will see, this person is just a normal person like each and everyone of us. The only difference is, that they have a clear vision about where they want to go, and then just go there.

Is it really that simple? Of course not! But if you do not start, your chances do not really have a potential to grow. You do not have the resources? Oh, come one! No one is talking about getting a loan over a couple of millions for your project. You can start with everything in a much smaller way. You can invest 100 € or 1000€. Think your idea through. Talk with people about it. Ask for advice. There is so much you can actually do! But sitting around and doing nothing. This is not an option! Go out there and do something!


Do you think that the name of my blog is a coincidence? Do you think that this is something I have come up with? No chance! This is just the way it always works!

At the beginning there was a dream, a clear vision. And then, they just started to act. Well, have you heard about the outcome?

Having success is not easy, but if you never tried, you will not have a chance.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”

Mark Twain

But what if your only chance to find this out is by starting something? Would you start?

Do not be afraid of the future! Jump into the cold water! You will regret that! Not that you tried something and failed, but that you have never tried!

The time is up. 20 minutes of my life are gone. Was it worth writing this and remembering myself about that? For sure it was!

See you next time!

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