#123 20 minutes writing challenge #6 – Where are we heading to?

Cornfiel Chase from Hans Zimmer

Another 20 minutes writing challenge. Are you ready for the 2D reading experience?

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Where are we heading to?

2019: We are destroying our planet. The environment is suffering. Climate change.

Have you seen the movie Interstellar? Where this song was originally written for? Well, in case you haven’t you should really watch that movie. But for right now I can give you the basic topic of the movie.

The world is sort of a not to good place to life on anymore. If the human race wants to survive, they need to find another planet.

For all the others who have already seen the movie, what a movie, right? Just awesome! I have seen that movie when it came out in the cinema, well it was rather by accident, but I really count this movie to one of the best cinema experiences I have ever had until now.

Are we destroying our world? Are we responsible for this mess? Where will this lead to? How will the future look like?

Questions I do not have an answer for. Will I get old enough to see the first starting signs of a crisis? Let’s see. The modern society demands a life right on the edge, right? Traveling to far distant places. Eating foods that have been carried twice around the world before landing on my plate. But it all starts with you. You are holding it in your hands. People always think they have no chance to change something like this. They have a look at the numbers, pushing the guilt to the others. The Chinese people, or the Americans, or the air transportation, or the diesel car.

Hey! Stop that nonsense! We are all responsible for that. You have an impact on the environment, no matter how small. At the end of the day there is just one question that needs to be answered from yourself.

Are you doing enough?

If you do not care about the climate, sure, go for it. This is the awesome thing about life. There are no rules. You can literally do what ever you want. But just for the records. The day will come when you are asking yourself what is the reason behind everything I am doing. And if you will not be able to answer that question in a satisfying way, you will end up in a crisis and flip your life upside down.

Start with you. Maybe you shouldn’t take the car to the hair dresser 1 km down the road, or maybe you do not buy an apple that was carried all over the big puddle from Chile. The small things will matter. Somehow.

But don’t get me wrong. I do not demand from you to reduce your CO2 emissions no matter what, I am just saying: Realize that you are having an impact on all of this.

I will start with motorsport. Well, what is the reason behind driving in circles for up to 24h? There is non! And if you have a look at the impact it has on the environment, then there should be no reason to do that. But, and this is important, don’t point with your fingers on others! Start with yourself.

In my life, I was flying only twice. Once to Mallorca and once to Malta. I am 24 and a half now. What do you think. How many 24h races can I have until I am at your CO2 level?

Our planet is in danger. In case we do not want to move to another planet, we should really work together as one big team and work on this issue. And if everyone is supporting this, we can actually change something.

But of course this will not happen.

Time is up.

See you next time!

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