#153 20 minutes writing challenge #12 – Cruising downtown

Benz AMG from KC Rebell

We are back to the normal 20 minutes challenge mode. Listen to the song and enjoy.

Cruising downtown

C63 AMG, all black, sport exhaust system. What else do you need for a great time cruising downtown on a Saturday evening? Have you ever thought about doing that? In case you haven’t, just do it man! That experience is really worth it. Why? You are asking? Because it is quite fun! Cruising downtown in a convoy of sports cars. There is just you, the music and the sound of that powerful car. What else do you need?

People normally tend to do not react in that same passionated way as I am doing it right now. Well, they don’t get it. For them, it makes absolutely no sense. Driving pointlessly through the night. The tires screaming for traction. There is no purpose. At least for them. Because they are too short minded. They do not even think about a possible reason for doing that. For them, it makes absolutely no sense! They feel offended by it. They complain about the noise! They call the cops.

So, what is it really about? Why are people doing it?

As always in life, there is a reason behind anything. The next time you are in town and see one of those cars, cruising around, have a look at the person that drives the car. This guy, or woman, for them, this car is one of the greatest things in their lives. They worked very hard for that, most of the time even harder than you do. They sacrificed their free time, their holidays, and other things you wouldn’t even think about. This AMG, its very similar to your hobby, what ever you are doing. It became a part of their personalities. An extension of their soul’s. Driving through town with that car, this was a dream. For years they were looking forward to this moment. This was the thing that got them up in the morning. This was the source of all their motivation, it is a part of their purpose in life! For them, it’s all about that. That lifestyle, the image they have. The way people see them, even the way you see them. That controversial discussions. The documentaries online. That all is just a part of this game. They have earned their money, now they want to show it.

Source: https://ak1.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/1025634071/thumb/1.jpg 29.11.2019

Being not only a car enthusiast, but also an open minded person, of course we could argue about the fact, why they drive through town and not just somewhere in an industrial park where no-one actually cares about the noise. But this is just a part of whole process, right? Without people seeing, or better hearing them, it gets pointless rather quickly. It’s all about that. Showing others what you have. Some are using instagram, others their power at work. But don’t complain about them, the more you do, the more they will like it. They are no idiots. They have a family as well. They understand your point, but you will not stop them form doing it.

The next time you see someone doing that in your neighborhood, go to those people and show interest for their cars, ask for a ride, or about something you are interested in. You will be surprised, believe me! They are normal people with normal jobs, just like you and me. They just have a different passion in their life than you have.

Time is up.

See you next time!

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