#159 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S2 E4 – On passion

Passion […] is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something.


Yeah, for sure. We already knew that! What do you want with that definition anyways? Do you think that this will make it any better? Fuck off! I don’t need your advise!

Passion, while being something you can actually consume #passion-fruit, people don’t think that this is funny. In their life’s, fun and passion are the things far behind anything else on the agenda. But why does it seem like there are only a hand full of people really passionated about their life’s, while others walk through life without any clue about where to go next or what to do with the other half of their life’s? Let’s start with an attempt to describe passion.

If someone would randomly coming up to me in the streets and asks me what I think, would describe the word passion at its best, I would probably just keep on walking and ignore that strange person, right? What does he think who he is? Asking me such a weirdo question. But on a serious note, passion is something hard to describe. Either you feel it, or you don’t, but explaining it? Indeed, very difficult. It is like being a member of a secret society or sect, you can try to explain it to outsiders, but they will not understand it. And that’s not just because they are running away from you.

It is really hard to describe, but easily misinterpreted. Sometimes, we think that we are passionated about something, but after a while, we figure out, that it wasn’t real passion we have felt, but rather something else. Maybe it was the adrenaline which kicked in, or the fact that “time was running so fast“, or what ever it was. Real passion can not just go away from one day to the other. It is like loving someone else. It is not that you have loved her more, yesterday evening at the party where you were completely drunk and she was wearing that cute little dress, then you do today after waking up right next to her. Love doesn’t come and go like that. And that is the same for passion. If you do something on a regular basis for the last five years, you are either forced to do it, or get paid for it, right? Just kidding, of course, we are not talking about that kind of activity. We are talking about something you really like! Something you burn for. Something you would die for, something you love so much!

Maybe it is reading, collecting post stamps, or what ever it is. In case you have something like this in your life, it may be possible, that passion can be found there, somewhere between the fun and the entertainment you have. That inner drive that wants you to go back to it, invest more time on it, or stops you from doing anything else. That is all a part of being passionated for something. You just spend hours, even whole weekends on it, but then, suddenly, it is time for you to go back to your daily obligations, go to work, earn some money, talk with your neighbors about boring stuff, celebrating birthdays of people you actually do not care about anyways.

Image source: https://commint.ch/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/passion.jpg 05.12.19 8:01

But this is exactly the issue I see every single day. It sounds so absurd at first sight, but soooo many people are doing it. They go to work, just in order to get paid. Can you believe that? They pretend to be someone else at work, only to be able to be the real person afterwards when they are back at home or having their weekends off. They are not passionated about their job. Not even half. They just do it, because it needs to be done, right? Life is supposed to be hard and miserable! We need to suffer! All of us!

I want you to think about your own life. How much percent of your waking hours do you spent with things you think you are passionated about? 5%? 10%? 50%? Or even 100%? Just think about this. And then take other people you know. Your siblings, your parents, your children, your neighbors, people from your environment. And then take people outside of that range. Take professional athlete’s, musicians, politicians, painters, what ever you want. Try to categorize them. Who seems to be really passionated about their life’s and who doesn’t? And if they are, what is their passion? What is the thing that drives them?

You should really do this little exercise, because it can help you to open your eyes. Maybe you are already on the right way, but maybe, you are moving in the opposite direction. Reflecting on your doing does always help, believe me! I would even go as far as to say, that it is necessary for you, in order to grow, to learn from your mistakes and find even more motivation for tomorrows tasks.

See you next time!

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