#163 Rethinking Project W (double you)

In case you have no clue what “Project W (double you) actually is all about, I guess this describes the situation at its best. What once was originally planned as a new way of teaching and implementing principles in an efficient and effective way into your life, is not going nearly anywhere I wanted it to go.

While I tried my best to shorten it all up and tried to avoid every single unnecessary word, it is still not really satisfying to read. Believe me! I mean, you have to, because you haven’t read it anyways.

Is this project going in the right direction?

Yes and no. I mean, it contains some good information here and there and is even in a kind of a good order, but still, it is missing out on so many points, that seem to be unnecessary to mention in the first place, but actually make the whole difference in the end. One single piece of information that lacks the equation, and the whole thing can go “puff”.

What do I don’t like about it?

I do not even know where to start. It is way too long, missing out important stuff, doesn’t go deep enough and scratches only the surface, is not helping you in the way it was originally planned to do so, is not matching to everybody’s life and problems, doesn’t give you the information on point.

What do I need to change?

I need to make it shorter, more precise, more specialized and customized for each and everyone of you.

The problem?

This will not work by just writing. You are unique in your strength and weaknesses, our life’s are too different, the situation you are in is just something I can not even imagine.

As you can see, there are a lot of contradictions standing in our way.

  • On the one side I want to adapt it to your unique situation, while on the other it should work for everyone.
  • I want to make it as short as possible, while I want to dive deep into a topic.

In the engineering world, we can try to solve that problem with TRIZ, again. Do you remember that technique? It suggests to have a look at the big picture, analyse the core problems and find a solution for that.

But today, I don’t want to talk about TRIZ again, I just want to mention some solutions that I have found.

Possible solutions

  • When I can’t help each and everyone of you in the way I want to help you, then I just leave it alone and stop working on it. (Not an option)
  • I can write the Project W for each and everyone of you –> (Not enough time) –> (More authors needed) or (less people) –> (Focus on a handful of people) –> (Focus on one person, only) –> not working for everyone, then…
  • Instead of writing, I make a one-on-one workshop kind of thing, where I can talk to you in person –> Takes a lot of time –> Will cost something –> Are you interested in that? –> Can I do that? –> Write about the stuff I notice in the one-on-ones? –> How much time will it consume? –> How much money will it cost? –> How much money are you willing to pay?
  • I focus on my problems and write this thing in such a way, that it helps me in my current situation –> Doesn’t start at the beginning –> lacks some important stuff you need right now.

Ok, so there are already some ideas, but how will I proceed?

In order to figure that out, I need you! Give me Feedback on those questions!

  1. What do you think about the Project W in general?
  2. Would you be interested in having some one-on-one sessions via Skype, or what ever?
  3. How many sessions would you want to have in a week?
  4. And for how long? An hour twice a week? Once a week?
  5. Would you be willing to pay for something like that?
  6. How much money would you expect it to cost?

Well, how likely is it that you will read that? Not that likely, right? And then, you even need to do something. Write me a message, how high is the chance that someone would do that? Not that high, it seems. But I guess that is your chance. Whoever will be first, I can start to work with you. Of course there are people out there who can do that as well. But the problem is, that you will not be able to reach out to people like Tim Ferriss, anymore. They have no time for things like that. But guess what, the Tim Ferriss 20 years ago. He would probably be at the same point in his life, as I am today. Interesting. I mean, I do not want to compare myself with Tim, but I guess, you got the message.

But back to the how I will proceed with that.

I will start the second loop on that project. What does that mean? It means, that we will start all over again. Learn from the mistakes I made in the past and improve the existing, add new information, get closer to what I originally wanted to do and you definitely need.

See you next time!

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