#173 Project W (Double you) – S2 E2 – Rule over yourself

Dream – Act – Succeed

“Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself.”


If you have followed my last episode about the starting with yourself part in the project W sector, today’s blog post will be directly linked to that.

No matter what you want to achieve in your life, if you do not rule over yourself, even the smallest issue will knock you off your feet! And do you know why I am so sure about that? Because I experience that every single day in my life.

We like to be in control.

The risks we take, the money we spent, the way our lives work. We want to be in control of that all, right? But when it really comes to us. On a personal note. The larger part of us doesn’t feel to be in control. We do things we don’t like, fall back into old patterns, can not push through, don’t find the motivation for our projects and don’t believe that it is possible to change our life’s in the end.

All those things are standing in our way. This world seems to be so big and we so little.

Believe me or not, but it all starts with you. Up there in your head, somewhere behind your eyes and ears, there is the control center you have lost the keys for. And now, you have accepted your faith. You live the life you can afford to live, but as soon as it gets a little bit harder, you are out. The diet you started, the language learning program online, even the advent calendar that is hanging on the wall. You are not in control, you just live from day to day, trying your best to keep up. For others, it is so easy to change their situation, but for you!? No way! Your situation is just so unique and difficult. Very unfortunate!

The sooner you realize the fact about life, “that you can lie to others but not to yourself!”, the sooner you will be able to overwrite the system and get back under control.

You can tell me what ever you want to! But please, don’t lie to yourself. The key to yourself is honesty. “Are you hardworking?” Yes? No? It doesn’t really matter, the question is. “Are you working hard enough?” Are you the one in control? Are you pulling the strings, or are you just doing what you are getting told?

Rule over yourself!

You are the one in control! You are the captain of your journey they call life! You are the one to blame! The difference between being in control and getting controlled means everything. It will open up doors, you have never even seen before. But only, if you really push through! Get in that locked control room and start the revolt! Get back in control again and rule over yourself!

See you next time!

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