#178 It is Christmas

Finally! Today is the day! It’s Christmas, baby!!!!

Well, at least in Germany and some other parts of the world. The 24th of December, what a day! Finally! We were all looking forward to that day, right? Getting together with our family, friends and loved ones. Having a great time! Enjoy a nice dinner and just be happy.

Since my early childhood, Christmas was something special. Yeah, for sure because of the presents! But that is not it, right? That is not all! Yes, you are right. Far more important is the get together with your family and friends. At least this is how you celebrate it here, right? Everyone is doing that.

Well, as you will have probably guessed by now, my perspective on that has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. I started to ask questions. A lot of them. I question everything I am doing, and with everything, I mean everything. That’s just the way I live these days, so get over it!

While I was never on the social side of life, meeting people all the time is really not on my agenda. Why should I do that? I will waste a lot of time, freezing my ass off at a Christmas market, standing there with people I hardly now, justifying our alcohol problem with the word “tradition”? Nothing for me, really! And by the way, that hasn’t changed at all. But what indeed has changed, is the way I look at my social life. Yes, even I have that, but of course in a very minimalistic kind of way. Instead of having thousands of friends, I just have a view. Not more than ten. But that is totally fine! That’s all you need. That’s all you want. Real friends! Not Facebook friends, or acquaintances from other friends, or colleagues from work that hardly ever talk to you during the year.

But looking into the world and changing the perspective, there are a lot of people struggling. They feel lonely, helpless, and abandoned to their faith. Waiting for their end. Yes, that is reality, and it will get even worse over time. Do we do something against that? Do we help those people? Integrate them into our life’s? Or do we simply ignore them, focusing on what we need and want?

A difficult question, right? I mean, a lot of people donate money, especially during the Christmas time, but is that really it? Is that the solution? Ignoring those people all year around and then giving back some money? I don’t know! It doesn’t sound like a good deal! Money is not everything.

But honestly, what do I know, right?

Back in the days, when my social life was at its minimum, I felt lonely. Really lonely. I remember the evenings, when a party, or a social event took place, but no-one asked me to join or to meet at the festival. On those days, I was at home, alone and feeling alone. Did it bother me? Yes! Hell yes! But did I care? No! I was just ignoring that! Even using that “negative” energy and transformed it into motivation. Using it later on in my workout. But one thing was still there, deep inside me. People want to be loved. People like to be loved. People love to be accepted. Be a part of a group. However big or small that group is, we don’t care.

But if you felt lonely! Why haven’t you changed that? Why haven’t you just texted friends from the past? Why haven’t you met new people? Just going there and talk with them? To be honest, that is not what I need! I pick the people around me very carefully. Why? Because I want to learn from them.

There comes a point in your life, when you figure out what is important in life, and what is not! If you have experienced that already, you know what I am talking about. Life is not about them! Life is not about having a great car, a great house, an awesome instagram account. Life is all about you! You! And YOU!

At the end of the day, you will leave this place with nothing more then your memories. And even about that, I’m not so sure. So, let’s stay with, you leave this place with nothing. You will leave everything behind. Your fancy car, your hot girlfriend or boyfriend, your private jet, your mansion.

So, if you think that giving back some money is the right way to do it, then by all means, do it! Please! I am sure, the money is needed. But just consider, the next time when you see someone obviously struggling in life, can I invest five minutes, talking to that person? It doesn’t matter if they are homeless and sitting in the streets, or crying on a park bench. Just give something back. We call that a “random act of kindness!”. An unexpected event, something so small, but really effective.

Instead of giving money once a year, we should rather try to implement those people into our lives. And don’t get me wrong about who needs support. Money is not the criteria here. You can have thousands, or even millions of money, but deep inside, you feel miserable, and want to end your life.

It is not about giving money to the poor. It is about being a human being again. Absorbing our environment, listening to our feelings, and help each other when ever it is necessary.

You can make this world a better place! But not only with money! And not only on fucking Christmas.

But sorry, I don’t wanted to destroy your happy life’s Christmas celebration. Enjoy the day with your family! You deserve it! You have worked hard enough for that! So, don’t let this thought bother you too much. Get back to your normal life.

See you next time!

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