#197 Learning – S1 E3 – Worth remembering

As I have mentioned last time, todays topic is all about the term “Worth remembering“.

What makes something worth remembering?

This depends on your interests, your personality and the way you live your life. While for some the sentence “I like 9.11” can be quite confusing and irritating, because you are thinking about the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centers which where attacked in New York on the 2001.09.11 in the English language, this statement was originally from a German person, expressing the fascination for the Porsche 911 car. But, because you have a stronger connection to the event in New York than to the Porsche brand. You thought about that at first. Why? That’s just who you are and how you think.

What can we learn from that? Our point of view, or better, the way we see our world, differs from person to person. I tell you to do not think about a telephone. What do you do? Right. You think about a telephone. Is that interesting? No, it is not. But what makes it interesting is the question, what is the telephone look like you had in mind? Was it an old school telephone with a long cable and a dial plate, or was it the newest iPhone? Was it your telephone, or was it a randomly picked one?

If you can remember something, this means you have created enough connections in your brain, which you can still access. The more connections there is, the more likely the chance to remember. Makes sense!

The theory: If you make something worth remembering. You will remember it more likely, because you created more connections and you basically just need to remember one of them to get access to the thing you want to have in your mind.

Going back to the 9.11 drama in 2001. You have the image right in front of your eyes. Two towers, planes that are crashing into them. Fire, screaming, dust. People jumping from the buildings. But why do I remember that? I remember it, because it was something out of the ordinary. A scene you really don’t want to see. A situation so horrible and unfair. You were sitting in front of the TV. You were watching the news! You discussed the situation with others. You had feelings, you showed emotions. You burned that event into your head.

Ok, but how does that help us in this category? In order to remember something, you need to make it worth remembering. How do you do that?

#1 Build up as many connections as possible.

As financial risk managers will tell you, diversification is king. The more connections you create, the more likely you will remember. Do you believe me? In case you are still not convinced, just try it out.

#2 Build up strong connections

Ever tried to remember a word but couldn’t get it into your head? In case you have experienced that, the connection simply wasn’t strong enough.

The difference between being able to access something in your brain, or not, can be quite small. Meaning, that you can make a connection stronger, just by adding some little things into your story. That is the moment, when the power plant becomes a very powerful plant, that is doing a biceps workout with a barbell in your front garden. This is when procrastination becomes a professional looking and suit wearing crusty the clown, talking to the nation about stoping to try to be so ambitious. This is when Mc-Kinsey becomes a fast food chain restaurant in the middle of an icy ski slope, operated by the ski professional “Kinsey Won”, (Lindsey Vonn) who won every race and destroyed her competitors, like Mc-Kinsey is doing in a very icy way. And this can go on and on and on.

#3 It doesn’t need to be the ultra long and super hard to find creative story. It can also be just a short turn around. Some small details that will change the thing dramatically, making it worth remembering.

#4 Please don’t tell yourself that you are not creative at all and can not figure things like this out. Because that is simply put not true. Everyone can do something similar like this. Some like to play with words, others will need to add places, and so on. But please believe me! There is the right strategy out there, even for you! Just just haven’t found it yet.

But I guess, this is it for today.


  • In order to remember something, you need to create as many connections as possible. (We will talk about that in another episode, don’t worry! Be happy! Ever though about an octopus with more then eight arms? If not, imagine one with more then eight. What is he called now? A decaeneapus? (20 arms) What a stupid thought, please for get that one, I am so sorry. But would be cool, right? At least no-one would kill them. They would be the treated as kings, at least for a while.)
  • The connections need to be strong! (Please, send them into the gym to grow some muscles)
  • There is no need for ultra long connections and stories. (A short connection is more then enough) (It’s the same as in the bedroom. Size doesn’t matter, it’s the technique that makes the difference!)
  • Don’t doubt your own abilities. Everyone can do that, you are just not that creative yet.

See you next time!

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