#208 Discipline – S1 E3 – Mindset matters

As we have discussed last time in this category, you basically have everything you need already in your portfolio. So, it is not about acquiring something new, but rather about how to get these things under control. In todays episode, the mindset matters.

What is your definite chief aim in life? Want to be rich? Want to be famous? Want to help others? What ever it is you want to reach, this is the thing that get’s you out of bed on a rainy and cold Sunday morning at 6 am. So, why don’t you use the goals you have in mind and recreate the mindset you want and actually need?

When it comes to what we think and believe in, too often we have too much trust in other people and what they suggest. You might listen regularly to a religious spokesperson, your parents, your teachers, or even to me. And what do we do? We influence you for our purpose. We use you! Why? Because each and everyone of us has their own interests and goals to reach. Well, of course you can not simply compare each and everyone of these people with each other, but after getting them sorted in the right groups, actually you can.
What I do is the following. I separate them into two groups. In the first one, I put all the people who are getting paid while influencing me or depend on me, in order to get paid from someone else and in the second one the people, who have primarily no financial interest in what they are doing.
And after that, it feels way easier to me, to really understand what these people have in mind when they are giving me advise. Are they really caring about me, or are they just afraid about losing their job, or goals from sight?

But back to todays topic. When other people can influence you to such an extent, that you give them everything you have and become a slave in their religious or non religious cult, then you can do that as well! And that is basically what I have done.

I changed my mindset, or lets rather say, I am still in the process of changing it. Why? Because that is the game changer! “Tell me your reasons and I tell you if you succeed!“It is that simple.

When: “Your journey will be hard, miserable and lonely.” Becomes: “Your journey will be exciting, full of challenges and self focused.” You know, that you are doing it right.

When people look at endurance sports, like cycling, triathlon or even more extreme things you can do, they don’t understand why and how people can actually do that? From their perspective, this looks like something hard to do. It will demand dramatic cut backs in their private life, a lot of hours in the gym or on the bike and physically harming their bodies. Well, if you ask a triathlete if it really feels that way, then most of the time they will tell you something else. They will speak about doing what they like, following their passion, doing a lot of sport, seeing the nature, competing against others, proof to themselves that they can push the boundaries even further, and so on and so on.

One situation, two completely different mindsets. Guess who we will meet in Hawaii next season for the ironman?

The mindset you have influences your life so dramatically, that you can make things worse or better, just by rearranging the thought process in your head. If the upcoming exams are really high obstacles, someone put into your way intentionally, just to make you feel bad. Then guess what, you will feel bad! But if the upcoming exams are a possibility for you, how to show others that you are able to understand a certain topic, then your mindset changed to the positive side, right? Of course, it is not that easy. Especially, if you have the problem and not someone else. But still, you will be able to change the way how you see the world. You can change your perspective, observing things differently and even focus on other things.

Your mindset matters. Without the right mindset, you do not even need to start. You will not come fare anyways. Take your time! What do you really want? Why do you want it? What is the benefit of all of that? Why is that important for you? Why is that the next step? And if you can answer all these questions and find your reasons behind doing it anyways, then you will just do it. Even without questioning it. And then, mindset doesn’t matters anymore. Because once you got the message, you will never ever want to go back and live without your new mindset anymore. So what do you do? You will automatically use it to your advantage. Making the best out of every situation.

But I get it. You can not really implement that into your life, right? I need to explain that differently. Make it even easier to understand. Simplify the process. But don’t worry, I am working on something here. I hope this will be much more effective.

See you next time!

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