#210 Project W (double you) – S2 E5 – On self-limiting thoughts


“You can do it if you believe you can!”

If you can do something, just because you think you can, then the opposite might be true as well.

“You can’t do it if you believe you can’t.”

How often do we really encourage ourself to do something new, work on our weaknesses or try to improve upon our situation? Not that often, right? We think that we understand the world as it is, see ourselves as a small part of the whole system, doing what me meant to do. But is life really about that? Well, we can’t answer that question, so even bringing that up seems kind of unfair.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right.”

Henry Ford

It seems like the old man is right. This is in fact so unbelievable true, that I do not understand why so many people do not even think about their mindset and what they are doing to themselves on a regular basis.

Today, it’s all about self-limiting thoughts. But what does that even mean? If you are asking me, this means that the constant narrator inside your head starts to flip the sides, talking something bad, instead of the opposite. Want to have an example?

On some days I get up in the morning, look at my blog statistics and can see, that some people where actually visiting my website and probably liked what they were reading. Whenever that happens, it feels like the greatest thing to do, working on my project. I feel so motivated and blast out two or three posts in a row.
But then there are other days as well. Days, where you are asking yourself, why am I doing that? You have a look at the work you put into this thing but don’t see the point in doing it anymore. This blog project, it doesn’t seem to be a good idea anymore. It seems to do not make sense anymore. Most of the time, the same people are reading my stuff. I start to ask myself why am I even doing that? Do I feel motivated for writing the next post? Do I feel motivated to keep on working on my book? No! I question my reasons, I question my ability, my skills, basically everything there is. But what makes it even worse is the fact, that I might stop dreaming. I might stop acting. But where is this leading us to, we all know that right?

Self-limiting thoughts can be quite dangerous. Why? Because they can change your future dramatically. They can prevent you from dreaming big. They can stop you right in the process towards success. They can make you feel miserable. For too long I believed in what other people told me. I thought that the way they are living is the right one. The right way, the right path. But after analyzing what they are really doing, it doesn’t seem to be the right path after all. They are not really taking action. They hide behind a facade they have built up over time.

Jumping into the cold water and follow your dreams. A thing, that is not so easy to do. Especially, if you are your worst enemy, your worst critic, your worst naysayer. So, what do we need to do?

First of all, we need to accept the fact, that sometimes, even our thoughts can become toxic for what lays in front of us. We need to understand that there are good and bad days. The goal is not to remove the bad days, because that is absolutely not possible, but instead to realize what we are doing. If you can detect, that you are about to fall back into the endless self-limiting loop and start to react upon the situation, you can actually prevent this phenomenon from happening after all. Of course it will still happen from time to time, but you can get it under control, believe me, because I did that. And if I can do that, you can do that as well.

The world is yours, if you want to take it. People will support you, if you want to be helped with. Things will happen, you can not change that, but you can change the way how you will react. You see the world through your own filters. You decide on which thing you want to focus on. Limiting yourself, or reaching for the stars? A decision, I can not take for you. But I can not recommend you enough, to start question everything you are doing and focus more on the things, you really want to do.

Don’t let your self-limiting thoughts prevent you from taking action. See them as obstacles in your life, you need to overcome in order to learn a huge lesson about yourself.

See you next time!

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