#216 20 minutes writing challenge #20 – Play it cool?

Play it Cool, by I See Rivers.

It is time for another 20 minutes writing challenge. It is time for me to study more. It is time for the spring to show up. The weather is good today, at least compared to the last two days. One week left, just one week. After my last exam I will have some time. More then a month. How cool is that? My first real semester break.

Do I have plans? Of course I have, right? Someone might say too many already, but that is just how it is. We have so many things in mind, so many things we want to do. No, actually need to do. But are these things really important? Are they really necessary? Sometimes we question our doing. We get up on a sunny day like today, asking ourself what the fuck we are even doing. Why does my life look like that? Where is the purpose of that all?

Today, I will study again. Of course! But is it really studying? Actually not really. The topic is so interesting, that it looks like I am just having fun all the time. Well, engines are just great, right? The subject is about alternative drives. A very up to date topic, at least in Germany. It is so interesting to see, that so many people have absolutely no clue about how this all works and what kind of an impact it will make. The future? Is it electric? Is it diesel? Not that easy to figure out. The secret hint? “Well to wheel“. Most of the time people think that electric cars are not responsible for CO2 emissions and stuff, sure, they have no local emissions, at least if the battery is not burning. But I guess, you will have bigger problems then that when your battery explodes.

The politicians, do they understand the topic? Do they know what they are doing? Unfortunately I am not so sure about that. There are alternatives, for sure, but the way they act these days, I can’t follow their decisions. The same goes for the Friday for future movement. Generally speaking it is good what they are doing, but to be honest, they are not better then all the others. Imagine the CO2 amount the Friday for future movement has created. The protesting, the organizing online, the police work, the media attention, the get together afterwards, writing, texting, calling on the phone, traveling to larger cities, doing bigger protest activities and so on and so forth. Imagine how much CO2 could have been saved!? And what do they actually do? Every time I hear from them, they are complaining. No coal burning, no SUV’s, no this, no that. But where are the solutions? How can they demand from companies to stop doing what they are doing, namely making money to pay off their employees. This society out there, everyone speaks out loud what they think, does that need to be backed up by facts? Does that need to be backed up my data? What? Data? No! One just talks! Yells it out! Someone might listen to that and even worse, believes it.

Yes, we need to change something. But by just talking about it we will not reach anything. Life just goes on. It always does that. That is just how it works. But what do I know? Right? I have no clue about life. All the others, they have made it. It is just interesting to observe, that people don’t stand for their own opinion anymore. People are just swimming with the stream. They are afraid to do something else, stand out, do something different.

Sure, that was always like that, why should it change these days? Time, a funny thing. If history doesn’t repeat, at least it rhymes. I wonder when the first people will come up with the idea to outlaw sport cars or introduce the speed limit. If you would ask me, neither the politicians nor the Friday for future people really have a clue about the facts and life in general. We are destroying our economy. Step by step. The whole system, it can not survive like that. But why do I even care about that, right? I do what I do, reach my goals, and don’t care about them. Life is too short for this. So, do I care? To be honest, I get up every single day with bigger problems then this. Welcome to the next level of living.

Life 2.0. We just play it cool! We ignore the problems. We move on.

Time is up. For the world and this 20 minutes writing challenge.

See you next time!

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