#228 Entrepreneurship & Business – S1 E11 – Your vision

Wer Visionen hat, soll zum Arzt gehen.”

Helmut Schmidt (Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) from 1974 to 1982)

Anyone with visions should see a doctor“, that is the translation of the quote above. What an awesome statement to say, right? It seems like back in the days, having an entrepreneurial mindset was not that common, right? To be honest, an entrepreneurial mindset is nothing that was developed in the 21th century. From the moment on people lived on that planet, there were always some folks with a dream about a better future.

Therefore, having a vision is nothing to worry about. You do not need to see a doctor, or let’s say, at least if you have a normal vision, but what is a normal vision anyways, right?

Dream – Act – Succeed

Defining ones one vision is definitely something for the dream section of your life. You try to translate your dreams into something more concrete. You try to figure out what your company, idea or whatever it is, stands for. In the world of teaching that stuff, a lot of experts think that this is the first step an organization needs to take. I mean, I can generally accept that, but it is definitely not the first step to take, right?

But let’s just assume for the moment, you have already dreamed a lot. You have some ideas, some sketches, some prototypes, some product ideas. You have figured out where this project should lead to, what you want to achieve and started to build up your organization. Well, in case you have done that, it is finally time for your vision to see the daylight.

Your vision is nothing more or less, than what you have done already anyways. It is a short summary of where you want to go with this project, what you want to achieve and how you will do that in the future. For sure, it is more about the higher purpose in life, than talking about real facts, money or business essentials. Therefore, please be aware about the fact, that people expect from you to get inspired. And if people do not get what they demand, they leave! For sure, it is your decision, but I would suggest to simply giving them what they want. Use some important key words and phrases and go over it.

Sure, you have that vision in your head, but that is not really what you can write on your website publicly, right? You can not say something like: “This company XYZ will revolutionize the market, earning me a couple of millions in order to enjoy my life on the Cayman Islands.” That is definitely not what you should say. Even though that is the dream for most of us, we need to sound more professional in what we are doing. Therefore, write about where you are seeing your company in the future. What you want to achieve, what is the reason behind this project anyways.

Dream – Act – Succeed, Vision, ideas
Dream – Act – Succeed is more then just an online blog. It represents a new lifestyle, a new approach towards life. In the 21th century, where people are not really honest anymore, neither to themselves, nor to others, this project represents the alternative route through life. Everything becomes possible. Reaching goals? Just a matter of time. This blog is more than just the sum of it words, it is the start of something big. Bigger than I can dream about, bigger than you can dream about. Dream – Act – Succeed will become the ultimate weapon against our problems in life. It will support us perfectly and pushes us forward, every single day. This blog will become a dream fulfilling machine. Allowing each and every participant to reach their goals and improving life.

Sure, that wasn’t the shortest one, but if it comes to do something like that, it is never the best idea to write that, as I have done, in less than 10 minutes and publish it online. Take your time. Read it a thousand times, simplify it. Show it to others, ask your biggest critics what they say. Define your vision with the least amount of words possible. Where do you need to make some cutbacks? Where can you simplify the words or phrases? What can you delete from it anyways? “Short, sharp, sexy!” That’s what we need. Nobody reads these days, therefore, you can not simply give them a lot of stuff to read, nobody will read it.

Shorter vision

Dream – Act – Succeeds stands for the alternative goal reaching approach in life. It will become a dream fulfilling machine for each and every participant, making the world a better place, step by step, day by day.

Well, that is way better, right? It is short, it is kind of sharp and sexy. And that took me like what? 20 minutes? Can you imagine what you can create after working on this for hours? But sure, give me some more time and I can get this on another level. Today, I don’t wanted to define my vision anyways, but rather wanted to show you, that it is not a hard thing to do.

But speaking about that, I should definitely use the moment to ask you for your support. I mean, you are reading my blog posts and stuff, so what do you think? Is that what this project looks like for you? Or doesn’t make it any sense? What am I missing? What do I need to implement? Please give me some feedback, tell me what you think about my project. Thank you!

And that is it for today.

See you next time!

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