#235 Language learning – S2 E4 – Why I stopped Italian during my last exam phase

Have you ever experienced an exam phase? I, for my part tend to overdo it in these kind of situations. I need to reduce my other activities to a minimum, having the space in my schedule and head to focus on the tasks that seems to be more important than other things.

Well, it is never a bad thing to stop doing something, if you really understand why it is better for you in this certain situation to actually do exactly that and step back in order to focus on something else that seems to be more important in the present moment. Life is short, but not that short.

At the beginning, I didn’t wanted to stop doing it at all. There was that internal voice that demanded a little bit more enthusiasm and devotion for the project at hand. But soon the lessons felt longer and longer, it wasn’t fun to do it anymore, but rather that stupid thing I needed to do. It was a burden, or at least it felt like that. Therefore, I decided to make a cut back, stop the process right there in the moment and get back to it later on after the exam phase. For sure, I was missing out nearly 2 month of Italian practicing, but it is a side project anyways, with only 3 hours a week.

How did I felt during that decision making process? For sure, it hasn’t felt great and it is never an awesome thing to do, stepping back from our plans and stopping something in the process. But actually, it felt like the right thing to do. There was no pressure on this side of my life anymore.

Generally speaking I just want to learn Italian, because I like doing it. Why should I continue if it isn’t the same fun anymore? Sure, to reach a higher level, to proceed in the language, to take one step at a time, but still, that doesn’t mean to suffer from that.

I have learned a lesson in life recently. You can read that in #214 Entrepreneurship & Business – S1 E10 – On risk taking, which comes back to me in a lot of different fields.

Your life is not supposed to be hard, you make it hard by yourself. Therefore, sometimes it actually makes sense to step back, in order to get over something else and start it again afterwards with a refreshing point of view. You get time to reflect on what you have done so far. Think about ways to improve the process and find more motivation to actually do it.

Therefore, I will ramp up my Italian language learning in the next couple of days again. Focusing on the things I should already know and have a look at how much stuff I already forgot. After that, I will try to improve my learning process, making it even more fun.


See you next time!

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