#260 Updating my website – GIVE ME FEEDBACK, PLEASE!

I guess it is finally time to take things a little bit more serious here on my blog.

For the last 260 days I was working on figuring out if this is really something for me or not. Well, what can I say, I am still here, working on this thing every single day, therefore, I guess it is just time for me to make things a little bit more good looking.

Well, tidying up is usually not my most favorite thing to do, but I guess, I just have to do it. As always in life if we are thinking about something we have created by ourselves, we tend to do not see the bad things, right? We focus only on the good things and don’t want to or don’t actually see the bad things.

I just do not have the same perspective on this project as you might have, therefore I might do not see even the simplest and most obvious of issues.

Well, what can I say. That is just how it is! But wait a second! You see all that stuff, right? You see what I am doing wrong! Why don’t you help me a little bit and tell me what I am doing wrong here?

Maybe you just hate the font I use, or the general website design, or the way I organize the blog posts via links or whatever it is! Would you be so kind and share your insights with me?

Do you like criticizing others? Now it is your chance!

Please give me feedback and tell me what I am doing wrong or missing out on completely. I can not possibly change something, if I do not even know that I need to change it.

Oh, and by the way. Giving awesome feedback doesn’t only mean to help someone by directly telling the person what is wrong or doesn’t work as planed, but also by adding the why you think that this is wrong. That way, you present not only your opinion, but also give the other person the chance to gain more insights into the world and how it is really working, which can actually help a lot in order to understand what you we are doing wrong all the time. Meaning, that we can use that knowledge even for completely other fields our life’s.


Another topic that is somehow related to cleaning up my website is of course the introduction of a website logo. Yeah, you have heard correctly! Why do I haven’t one already? Actually, a pretty damn good question. I guess, I was just too busy doing other things, therefore, I can proudly announce, that the actual designing process has already started. Sure, I do not know when I will come up with the best idea, but that’s something I want to do very soon in the next couple of weeks and month to come.

See you next time!

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